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Unit 8


Monrovia | Grow Beautifully



Essential Question: How do plants grow and why are they important?

Focus Questions:

What are plants?What Are Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria?

What do plants need and where do we find them?The Importance and Benefits of Teaching Gardening to Children Toddlers to  Preschoolers. | Montessori NatureWhat Do Plants and Animals Need? {Aligns with NGSS K-LS1-1} | TpTDesign Scene Stealers - POND Trade Magazine
What are some different kinds of plants?How to Start a Vegetable Garden - Vegetable Garden PlansFlower Gardening: How To Start A Flower GardenFile:Garden in the Woods - IMG 2462.JPG - Wikipedia
 Why are plants important?How important are plants to the life on Earth? - Quora


Group A- Monday and Wednesday

Groups B- Tuesday and Thursday

Friday is remote for all!

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Light Unit

Posted on March 4, 2021

We looked at the painting Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh and then used finger paint and paper to create our own!



Our Finished Masterpieces


Welcome to Pre-K Unit

Posted on October 19, 2020

We started out our year learning our friends names. We used tiles to help spell our names and our friends names.  We counted how many letters everyone had and then compared the amounts to see who had the most and and who had the least amount of letters. 


We also made self portraits! We used mirrors to look at the features we need to add to our art piece. Then we used a variety of items to make each feature.


In our Math center we counted out hearts for Chester raccoon from our story-The Kissing Hand.

We learned all about feelings. We matched certain feelings to situations on cards.  Then we made different feeling faces ourselves. Can you guess which feeling we are showing.


We also created different feeling faces using playdough on head cards.

Light Unit- February 2020

Posted on July 3, 2020

We studied a painting by Vincent van Gogh- The Starry Night. We then made our own paintings using finger paint! It was so much fun to swirl all the paint!

In the block center we built letters and then made their shadows using a flashlight.

In Dramatic Play we made a camp site. We packed food and items to we would need and we used flashlights to create stars on top of our tent.

At the Science Center we explored light with mirrors, prisms, colored paddles and flashlights. We made rainbows with the prisms and saw how the size changed when we moved the flashlight!

We used the smartboard to make shadow puppets. We even made up our own shadow puppets and told stories with them.

Transportation Unit

Posted on February 2, 2020

We used the blocks to make bridges and roads for all types of vehicles.  

In the ABC center we used cars with Capitol letters and parked them on a mat to match their lower case partner.  We also made trucks by matching capital and lower case.

We used monster trucks in the sand to make tracks and we experimented with objects to see what sinks and what floats.  Then we added bears to boats to see how many it would hold before it sank.

Reading Center


Math Center- we counted wheels on trucks, used tens frames to count cars and shapes to make vehicles.

We used shapes again on the smart board to make vehicles and then used them to create our own vehicle!


The the engineering center we used different building material to create vehicles and we learned about gears and how they move!

Dramatic Play we took turns driving the car and later dressed up as different community helpers.



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