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Welcome to Pre-K-1  

Minus - Say Hello!The LionsMinus - Say Hello!

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4 weeks

Essential Question:  Who makes up a family?


Driving Questions:  Who is in my family?

                                          What is an extended family?

                                          How can we take care of each other?

                                          What are my family traditions and customs?

                                          Which holidays do we celebrate?

                                           How are families alike/different?


Important Upcoming Dates 


December 2- Breakfast with Santa

December 6– NO School for PRE-K

December 7– Half Day- 11:50 dismissal

December 8– School Closed

December 22- Half Day- 11:50 dismissal

December 25-January 1- School Closed

January 2– School Resumes


Family Fun!


Center Time Activities