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Homework 10/4/17

Dear Parents, 

Welcome! I’m excited and look forward to a productive school year. The homework will be posted daily on the school website. Please check homework, read with children daily, have your child share what was read, and please sign homework daily and all test, quizzes must be signed and returned for the next day. 

Thank you and I look forward to meeting you.

Nardge Desir 

Reading- 20 minutes and write about what you read, 1 paragraph 

Vocabulary- Test on Friday on these words: straying, thread, marketplace, merchant, carpenter, knowledge, plenty 

Math- workbook p. 1-5 (front page) Test Friday: Greater Numbers and Mixed Review


Writing- 1. rewrite story, make corrections on loose leaf  2. Write 8 compound words and write sentences for each

Reading Comprehension-  Test Friday 



***Make correction on Test/ Quiz & parent must sign due tomorrow  


  • Picture day MUST wear school uniform MONDAY 10/6
  • Supplies list is due Thursday







Homework Week of 12/11 – 12/15

Posted on December 11, 2017

Homework Week of 12/11 – 12/15

Monday 12/11:

ELA – Readers and Writers Notebook -P 118 

Log – Read 30 minutes minimum, Complete Log + get signed 

Math – Complete Worksheet in Packet (Rounding with Tens and Hundreds)

Science- Complete the following Worksheets in Packet

  • What do I know about Solids?
  • What do I know about Liquids?
  • What do I know about Gases? 

Tuesday 12/12:

ELA-  Readers and Writers Notebook – P 113 

Log – Read 30 minutes minimum, Complete Log + get signed 

Math- Complete Worksheet in Packet (Rounding to Nearest Thousands) 

Science- Complete Worksheet in Packet: Water in its Three Stages 

Wednesday 12/13:

ELA- Readers and Writers Notebook -P 116 

Log- Read 30 minutes minimum, Complete Log + get signed 

Math- Complete Worksheet in Packet (Rounding to Ten  Thousands) 

Science- Complete Worksheet in Packet: Properties of Solids, Liquids and Gases 

Thursday 12/14:

Reading- Fill out L section of KWL from the beginning of the unit. What did you LEARN about penguins? 

Log- Read 30 minutes minimum, Complete Log + get signed 

Math – Complete Worksheet in Packet (Rounding to Hundred Thousands) 

Science – Complete following Worksheets in Packet: Changes in States of Water;  Matter (Particles)  

Friday 12/15:

Log- Read 90 minutes minimum, Complete Log + get signed 

Math- Complete Review Sheet for Math Test on Rounding- Monday 12/18 


3rd Grade – Homework – Week of 11/13 – 11/17

Posted on November 13, 2017

3rd Grade Homework for Week of 11/13 – 11/17 

Monday 11/13:

  • Reading: Complete Worksheet answering the following questions:
    • 1. What is the author’s purpose? 
    • 2What is the Main Idea of the story? Be sure to give supporting details. 
  • Math: Complete Worksheet – Basic Facts (5+5) 

Parents/Guardians: Please sign and return student Math Test for class tomorrow. Thank you.  


Tuesday 11/14 

  • Reading: Complete Characterization Worksheet – Questions 1-5 
  • Log: Read 30 Minutes minimum – Complete Log + Get Signed 
  • Math: Complete Worksheets: 
    • Adding by 1’s
    • Adding 3-digit to 1-digit numbers 
    • Basic Facts Worksheet (10 +10) 
  • Social Studies: Complete Chapter Review p.26 on separate Loose Leaf 


Wednesday 11/15 

  • Reading: Complete Sequencing Worksheet + Graphic Organizer 
  • Log: Read 30 Minutes minimum – Complete Log + Get Signed
  • Math: Complete Worksheets: 
    • Adding 10’s 
    • Basic Facts Worksheet (20+20) 

Reminder: Friday 11/17 is a Half Day: Dismissal 11:50am. 


Thursday 11/16

  • Reading: Complete Alice and Wonderland Story Elements Worksheet 
  • Log: Read 30 Minutes minimum – Complete Log + Get Signed
  • Math: Complete Worksheets:
    • Adding 3-digit to 2-digit numbers 
    • Basic Facts Worksheet (50+50)
  • Social Studies:
    • Answer the following question: “What are some different climates in the United States?”
    • Watch the news weather forecast tonight for Friday’s weather and write what we should be expecting.

Reminder: Tomorrow is a Half Day: Early Dismissal 11:50am. 


Friday 11/17 – Half Day – Early Dismissal 11:50am

  • Log: Read 90 Minutes minimum – Complete Log + Get Signed 
  • Math: Complete Worksheet (Basic Facts using Subtraction)
  • Religion: Complete p 257 and Study for Chapter Review Test on Monday by rereading the Chapter for understanding 


Main Office Notes:

Candy Sales have concluded, if you still have an outstanding balance please be sure to have it settled by the end of this week. 

Thanksgiving Drive – If you haven’t already, please bring at least one can per student to donate to Catholic Charities by next week.

Pie Sales – There are still pies left. If you wish to purchase, please send in money as soon as possible. 


Greetings- Ms. Rodriguez

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Welcome to Third Grade Greetings

Dear Families,

I would like to welcome you and your child this school year 2017-2018 to 3rd grade. My name is Ms. Melanie Rodriguez and with pleasure I get to teach your child in my class this year. I am really excited to be part of this school community. This is my first year teaching 3rd grade here at St. Catherine of Genoa, St. Therese of Lisieux but I have experience teaching Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd grade at my home church in Long Island. I have been in the classroom for 8 years and I must say I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else than here teaching these beautiful children of God.

This is going to be a fun and exciting year. We have two goals to be accomplished throughout these next 7 months. First, our children are going to master curriculum-based skills through never-ending practice and repetition. Our children will reinforce their skills of all subjects through participation, classwork, weekly assessments and homework.  Grades will be manually inputted into Option C to be reviewed at any time. Our children will also have independent reading to be completed every night. They are expected to read a grade level book for a minimum of 30 minutes per day. The children will receive a weekly reading log that needs to be filled out daily. All homework and tests are to be signed by a parent/guardian and returned the next day.

Our second goal is to bring the children to a better understanding of God. They will learn how to grow in God’s love and how to share God’s love with others.  Most importantly the children will learn that God loves us and he has made each and every single one of us special in our own way.

If your child is a practicing Catholic, it is encouraged that the children attend mass on Sundays. Exposing the children to the church ensures that they would know it’s a special place to gather with the community to share the word of the Lord. As I am helping your children know more about God, you as the parents or guardian are the primary teachers for your children outside the classroom. It’s encouraged to pray with your child every day because prayer is very important in the growth of a child’s faith in god. You set the example and your children will follow.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you and your children during this wonderful year. I am available for meetings or phone calls every school day 7:30am & 3:15pm. If you wish to schedule a meeting, please do not hesitate to contact me through my school email address at May God Bless you All.

                    Sincerely yours,   Ms. Melanie Rodriguez

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