Third Grade

4/25/17 Homework

Below is the Science Project outline…

Science Project
Science Experiment Report Outline
➢ Complete a science project on a topic that you’re interested in
➢ Select a topic from: the science text or on the website
➢ Your project must be displayed on a visual aid, ex: poster paper, a shoebox display, an aluminum pan
➢ You must include an experiment report
Follow these steps to write up a science experiment:
✓ Step 1: State in one sentence what your experimental question is. In other words, what is the point of the experiment and what are you trying to discover?

✓ Step 2: List all the materials involved with the project.

✓ Step 3: Write out the steps of the procedure, with enough clarity that someone else would be able to pick them up and recreate your experiment.

✓ Step 4: In a few sentences write out your experimental findings. Summarize any numerical data that you obtain from the experiment.

✓ Step 5: Make a conclusion about your data to the experiment.

✓ Step 6: Suggest any future experiments, similar to this project. That you would like to complete.

Due: Friday April 28, 2017

Assesment Dates:

*Reading Comprehension Test Friday

*Math Test Friday

*Spelling Test

ELA/ Writing-

Reading Comprehension- read and answer questions


Vocabulary- write your own definition for: poked, languages, narrator

Math- workbook p. 9-1 (back page)



Scholastic News- read articles and answer questions, complete worksheet

Reading- for 40 minutes everyday, write about what you read

***Make Corrections-


*Trip to Applebees tomorrow, wear school uniform- NO BOOKBAGS

*Dress Down Friday $2

*Trip 5/3 to Brooklyn College: Cinco de Mayo Show, cost $9

* Pack of FAT Expo markers