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Greetings- Ms. Rodriguez

Welcome to Third Grade Greetings

Dear Families,

I would like to welcome you and your child this school year 2017-2018 to 3rd grade. My name is Ms. Melanie Rodriguez and with pleasure I get to teach your child in my class this year. I am really excited to be part of this school community. This is my first year teaching 3rd grade here at St. Catherine of Genoa, St. Therese of Lisieux but I have experience teaching Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd grade at my home church in Long Island. I have been in the classroom for 8 years and I must say I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else than here teaching these beautiful children of God.

This is going to be a fun and exciting year. We have two goals to be accomplished throughout these next 7 months. First, our children are going to master curriculum-based skills through never-ending practice and repetition. Our children will reinforce their skills of all subjects through participation, classwork, weekly assessments and homework.  Grades will be manually inputted into Option C to be reviewed at any time. Our children will also have independent reading to be completed every night. They are expected to read a grade level book for a minimum of 30 minutes per day. The children will receive a weekly reading log that needs to be filled out daily. All homework and tests are to be signed by a parent/guardian and returned the next day.

Our second goal is to bring the children to a better understanding of God. They will learn how to grow in God’s love and how to share God’s love with others.  Most importantly the children will learn that God loves us and he has made each and every single one of us special in our own way.

If your child is a practicing Catholic, it is encouraged that the children attend mass on Sundays. Exposing the children to the church ensures that they would know it’s a special place to gather with the community to share the word of the Lord. As I am helping your children know more about God, you as the parents or guardian are the primary teachers for your children outside the classroom. It’s encouraged to pray with your child every day because prayer is very important in the growth of a child’s faith in god. You set the example and your children will follow.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you and your children during this wonderful year. I am available for meetings or phone calls every school day 7:30am & 3:15pm. If you wish to schedule a meeting, please do not hesitate to contact me through my school email address at May God Bless you All.

                    Sincerely yours,   Ms. Melanie Rodriguez

Homework Week: 3/12 – 3/19

Posted on March 14, 2018

Important Reminders for the Week: 

Spelling Test – Friday 3/16

Green Day – Friday 3/16 – Wear Something Green – Bring $2 Donation 

Looking ahead…

Story Vocabulary Test on Monday 3/19


Homework for Week of 3/12 – 3/16 

Monday 3/12

Spelling – 3x each
Vocabulary – St Patrick’s Words – sentences for saint and leprechaun
Reading – Readers and Writers page 200
Math – Reteaching page R 5-7
Log – Read 30 minutes – complete + get signed

Tuesday 3/13

Spelling – ABC Order
Vocabulary – St Patrick’s Words – sentences for green and shamrock
Seeing Stars – Sentences for dim & gas
Reading – Readers and Writers page 203
Math – Practice page P 5-7
Log – Read 30 minutes – complete + get signed

Wednesday 3/14

Spelling – Sentences for words 1- 10
Vocabulary – St Patrick’s Words – sentences for clover and Ireland
Seeing Stars – sentences for gigantic, ladle and patterns
Reading – Readers and Writers page 205
Math -Worksheet
Log – Read 30 minutes – complete + get signed

Thursday 3/15

Spelling – Sentences for words 11-20 – Spelling Test Tomorrow
Vocabulary – Seeing Stars – sentences for shine and temperature
Reading – Readers and Writers page 204
Math -Worksheet
Log – Read 30 minutes – complete + get signed
Reminder – Green Day-  Friday 3/16 – Wear Green Shirt – Bring $2 Donation 

Friday 3/16
Vocabulary Test – Monday 3/19
Log – Read 90 Minutes – Get Signed


What are we learning in all subjects this week? 


Spelling Words – Sounds /j/ /k/ /s/ 

1. clock
2. large
3. page
4. mark
5. kitten
6. judge
7. crack
8. edge
9. pocket
10. brake
11. change
12. ridge
13. jacket
14. badge
15. orange

Challenge Words
16. ceiling
17. advantage
18. pledge
19. Kentucky
20. pencil

Story of the Week: “Seeing Stars” 

Vocabulary for the Week 

dim: somewhat dark, without much light.
gas: a substance that is neither a liquid nor a solid and that has the ability to expand indefinitely.
gigantic: very large, tall, or bulky.
ladle: large spoon with a long handle
patterns: arrangements or designs.
shine: to give off light.
temperature: the degree of heat or coldness.


Bonus – Vocabulary for St. Patrick’s Day 

1. saint
2. leprechaun
3. green
4. shamrock
5. clover
6. Ireland


Two Question Problems 



What is Technology?  Technology is the use of science knowledge to invent tools and new ways of doing things. Transportation uses GPS (Global Positioning System). GPS relies on space satellites that send signals to earth. Medicine uses X-ray machines and digital technology to look inside people’s bodies. Vaccines and thermometers are other types of technology in medicine that are used for a specific purpose.  



We are learning all about St. Patrick and reflecting on the Stations of the Cross. 

Homework: Week of February 26- March 1st

Posted on February 27, 2018

Important Reminders for the Week: 

Black History Month Oral Presentations – Thursday 3/1 

Spelling Test – Thursday 3/1 

NO SCHOOL – Friday 3/2 

Looking ahead…

Math Multiplication Test and Story Vocabulary Test on Monday 3/5



Monday 2/26

Spelling: ABC order
Vocabulary: Sentences for words area & artificial
Reading: Readers and Writers page 179
Math: Reteaching page 5-2 in workbook
Log – Read 30 minutes + get signed

Tuesday 2/27

Spelling – 3x each
Vocabulary – Sentences for words – grapevine and preservative
Reading- Page 178 in Readers and Writers
Log – Read 30 minutes + get signed
Math- Practice page P 5-2 in Workbook

Wednesday 2/28 

Spelling – Sentences ALL Words 
Vocabulary – Sentences for words – proof, raise, raisin 
Reading – Page 181 & 185 in Readers and Writers
Log – Read 30 Minutes + get signed
Math – Worksheet – 9 Facts 

Social Studies: Write Oral Script for Presentation tomorrow 


Thursday 3/1

Vocabulary- Study for Vocabulary Test on Monday
Log – Read 90 Minutes + get signed
Math – Study Review Sheet for Math Multiplication Test on Monday  

Friday 3/2



What are we learning in all subjects this week? 


Story of the Week: “How Do You Raise a Raisin” 

Vocabulary for the Week 

area: a space used for a special purpose

artificial: made by humans not by nature

grapevine: a woody vine on which grapes grow

preservative: a substance used to keep foods from spoiling

proof: anything that can be use to show something is true or real

raise: to lift

raisin: a dried grape 



Multiplication 9 Facts + Patterns 


Social Studies 

Commemorating Black History Month by creating google slides to display important facts about our chosen African American person. 



We are making goals to live by during out Lenten Journey and recognizing our impulsive behaviors so by the end of Lent we can make a change to our inner self. 

Homework for Week of 2/6 – 2/9 _ 3rd Grade

Posted on February 5, 2018

Homework _ Week of Feb 6th – 9th 


Monday February 5th  

Reading – Readers and Writer’s Notebook – p 146 & p 151

Log – Read 30 minutes, Complete Log + get signed 

Social Studies – Interview your parent about your culture. 

Religion – Write the “Our Father” prayer


Tuesday February 6th 

Log- Read 30 minutes, Complete Log + get signed

Math – Practice page P 4-4 

Science Test tomorrow on Matter 


Wednesday February 7th

Log- Read 30 minutes, Complete Log + get signed

Math -Worksheet – Word Problems in Multiplication

Religion – Worksheet Reproducible Worksheet 10 


Thursday February 8th 

Log – Read 30 minutes, Complete Log + get signed

Math – Worksheet – Multiplication Stories 


Friday February 9th 

Log – Read 90 minutes, Complete Log + get signed



Catholic Schools Week Success

Posted on

Dear Parents, 

We have concluded our Catholic Schools Week for this year and I must say the kids and myself had a blast. We had Sports Day, ate some delicious Pizza, played BINGO, had a 5th grade teacher in our room for 45 minutes for Faculty Switcharoo, saw our fellow classmates perform their talents at the school-wide Talent Show, awarded the Student of the Month (Courtney Dubois) and All Christian Effort Award (Kimora Ward) and got up and moved to the Music and ended our week on a bright note in YELLOW. It was fun-packed and so exciting! 

Now we need to switch gears to all the upcoming themes of the Month. February is Black History Month so starting this week we will be focusing the whole month on influential African Americans who have made a staple in our history. This is a month long research opportunity which allows the students to learn about all the different kinds of people from the past and present who made a difference in America. 

We had a Black History Month Celebration this past Saturday which some of our students performed an African styled dance for the community. They were excellent. See below for the students involved. 



Starting next week, Wednesday February 14th is Ash Wednesday, our first day of the church season of Lent. In our classroom we will be working on a 40 day journey that brings students to the understanding of the resurrection of Christ and New Life. 



February is jam-packed and Winter Recess will happen in the midst of all of it. (Feb 19th – 23rd).

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact me. 

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