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Welcome to Mrs. Shelley’s third grade!

A few ways to contact me:
-Class Dojo app accessed through cell phone or computer

Attendance will be recorded using google classroom. 

Any student that does not respond will be marked absent for the day.

A form will be created daily. It will be titled Attendance with the day and date. 

Students will answer a short question – “What is your name”

The form will be open between 8 AM and 9 AM.

You will only be able to answer between that time.

If you do not respond you will be marked absent for the day.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. 

There is a video on youtube to help with google classroom

 Third grade Week of March 30  Find daily assignments on Google classroom


Unit 5 Cultures

Essential Question: What happens when two ways of life come together?

Story selection : Jalapeno Bagels

Guided Question:  How can different cultures contribute to the foods we eat?

Students will understand that food: 

  • comes from different cultures
  • is shared
  • can be a mix from different cultures

Students will be able to have a group discussion, read and write about 

how cultures are alike and different. 

Skill  development

  • draw conclusions
  • summarize
  • unfamiliar words

Students will be able to

  • Identify unfamiliar words
  • Read with accuracy
  • Identify comparative & superlative adverbs
  • identify vocabulary words and understand for meaning
  • identify vowel patterns ei, eigh
  • write an invitation
  • use context clues when reading
  • Use punctuation cues when reading sentences

Vocabulary words Jalapeno Bagels

  1. nutrition        food or nourishment
  2. calorie unit that measures the amount of energy a  

                  food contains

  1. flavor  the taste of a food or drink
  2. spice any flavoring or seasoning used in cooking
  3. nutmeg a hard seed of a tree that is grated and used 

                   in cooking

  1. grumble to complain or moan
  2. allergic an unpleasant reaction to something
  3. wholesome healthy and nutritious  
  4. grate to break into small pieces by rubbing against a  

                   rough surface

  1. agent something that produces an effect by its 


           Yeast is an agent that causes bread to rise.


  1. ceiling 11. receive
  2. neighbor 12. weigh
  3. either 13. deceive
  4. eighteen 14. sleigh
  5. height 15. conceited
  6. neither 16. receipt
  7. weight 17. neighborly
  8. leisure 18. deceitful
  9. protein 19. featherweight
  10. freight 20. eightieth 

Math continue practicing addition and subtraction with 3 digit numbers

with regrouping Students will be working on this with me

during zoom meeting on Tuesday March 31

begin Topic 10 multiply by multiples of 10

CCSS 3.NBT.A.3 multiply one digit whole numbers by multiples of 10 in the range 10-90

Students will be able to:

  • use an open number line to multiply
  • use properties to multiply
  • multiply by multiples of 10
  • problem solve

Practice multiplication and division facts

Social Studies Unit 5 Communities and Culture 

lesson 2 A visit to New Orleans 

Objective:What is the culture of New Orleans?

Students will learn about:

  • how a community grows
  • sounds of a city
  • what’s cooking in New Orleans
  • Mardi Gras
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Aiden Chetram
  achetram31   AChetram touch  green
  acelestin31   ACelestin   such   see
  aworrell31   AWorrell   stone    main
  baguilar31   BAguilar    group   foot
  arajpaulsingh31   ARajpaulsingh   off   position
  fvictor31   FVictor   iron   although
  gstgourdin31   GStgourdin   dry   top
  kbrizan31   KBrizan   contain   evening
  lenaalexander31   LAlexander   seven   help
  ncontent31   NContent   spread   held
  ngriffith31   NGriffith   present   doctor
  rpascal31   RPascal   put   president
  setienne31   SEtienne   suffix   step
  ptilus31   PTilus   pole   next
  zfrances31   ZFrances   particular   broken
  sdesrosiers31   SDesrosiers   radio   suddenly
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