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Welcome to Mrs. Shelley’s third grade!

Communication is key! We are all here for the same reason, and that is to make sure our children receive the best education possible. This means you and I must be a team. Learning does not only take place in the classroom, and it is very important that we communicate to make sure the needs of our children are met in and out of the classroom.

Reminder: Check OptionC as often as possible so that you are in the loop with your child’s grades.

A few ways to contact me:
-Class Dojo app accessed through cell phone or computer
-Class Folder: This folder goes home and comes back everyday. You must check this folder daily! Please send tuition or other money in an envelope with your child’s name and what it is for.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. I am confident that we will have a great year!  

Third grade Week of  January 27


Unit 4 One of a Kind

Essential Question: What does it mean to be unique?

Story selection : Hottest, Coldest, highest, Deepest 

Guided Question:  What makes nature’s record holders unique ?

Students will understand that nature has

  • unusual appearances
  • extreme weather
  • extreme events

Students will be able to have a group discussion, read and write about 

natures record holders

Skill  development

  • R- controlled vowels
  • graphic sources
  • important ideas
  • unknown words 

Students will be able to

  • Identify subject and object pronouns
  • Read with appropriate phrasing
  • Identify words with r controlled vowels
  • identify vocabulary words and understand for meaning
  • identify cause & effect when reading
  • write an imaginative story
  • find unknown words- dictionary/glossary skills
  • Use context clues when reading sentences
  • Create a concept map

Voc & spelling Hottest, Coldest, Highest, Deepest

  1. evergreen a plant that has green leaves throughout the year
  1. lumber wood that has been cut into boards or planks to use in building
  1. competitor someone who tries hard to win or get something wanted by others
  1. plunge to throw something or yourself into something with force

to fall or move downward suddenly

  1. valuable worth a great deal of money
  1. champ someone who wins first place in a contest
  1. sprinter an athlete who races over short distances
  1. acrobat a performer who can do stunts such as somersaults or handstands
  1. weaken make or become weaker in power
  1. ranger someone whose job is taking care of a national park or forest

Spelling words

  1. third 11. nerve
  2. early 12. worm
  3. world 13. thirsty
  4. certain 14. workout
  5. dirty 15. earn
  6. herself 16. determine
  7. earth 17. commercial
  8. word 18. whirlwind
  9. perfect 19. worthwhile
  10. verb 20. virtual

Math Topic 8

Topic 8 use strategies and properties to add and subtract    

Essential question: How can sums and differences be estimated and found mentally?

Students will be able to:

  • find addition properties
  • find addition patterns
  • round whole numbers

*Religion Chapter 10 The Church prays 

Overview and chapter story

Students will understand that:

  • Jesus teaches his followers how to pray
  • we can pray with others or alone
  • there are different kinds of prayers
  • the Church prays at all times

*Social Studies Inventions shape communities 

Objective: How have some inventions helped shape communities?

             How have communities become a safer place to live?

Students will learn about:

  • the Great Chicago fire 
  • a new city takes shape
  • the changing face of cities
  • improving city life
  • discoveries in health
  • community safety


  1. skyscraper a very tall building
  2. invention a thing that has been made for the first time
  3. elevator a small room that can be raised or lowered to carry people 

                    and things from one floor to another in a building

  1. pasteurization the use of heat to stop germs from growing in food
  2. preserve to store something so that it can be used later
  3. vaccine a liquid that contains the dead or weakened germs of a certain disease

Science Unit C Earth’s Land 

Objective: What are minerals and rocks?

              How do rocks form?

Students will understand:

  • how people identify and use minerals and rocks
  • how rocks form

Chapter 1 Minerals, rocks, and fossils

  • minerals and rocks
  • types of rocks
  • how rocks form
  • fossil layers


  1. mineral an object that is solid, it is formed in nature, and has never been alive
  2. rock a solid made of minerals
  3. crust the solid outside layer of the earth
  4. mantle the middle layer of the earth
  5. core the center of the earth
  6. igneous rock a rock that was once melted rock but has cooled and hardened
  7. sedimentary rock  a rock formed from material that has settled into layers and been 

                         squeezed until it hardens into rock

  1. metamorphic rock  a rock that has been changed by heat and pressure
  2. rock cycle the process in which one type of rock changes into another type of rock
  3. fossil something that has lasted from a living thing that died long ago








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