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Welcome to Mrs. Shelley’s third grade!

A few ways to contact me:
-Class Dojo app accessed through cell phone or computer

Attendance will be recorded using google classroom. 

Any student that does not respond will be marked absent for the day.

A form will be created daily. It will be titled Attendance with the day and date. 

Students will answer a short question – “What is your name”

The form will be open between 7 AM and 9 AM.

You will only be able to answer between that time.

If you do not respond you will be marked absent for the day.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. 

Weekly Zoom Meeting Tuesday  and Thursday @ 2PM
Go to click join meeting then enter
meeting ID and  Password posted on google classroom
Third grade Week of  May 26   Find daily assignments on Google classroom


Unit 6 Freedom       

Essential Question: What does freedom mean?

Story selection : Atlantis The Legend of a Lost City

Guided Question:  What is the best way to keep your freedom?

Students will understand that keeping freedom means:

  • defending it
  • working together
  • having necessary laws

Students will be able to read and write about keeping your freedom.  

Skill  development/review         

  • related words
  • generalizing
  • inferring
  • homographs

Students will be able to

  • Identify related words 
  • Read with expression
  • Identify homographs
  • identify vocabulary words and understand for meaning
  • identify important ideas when reading 
  • write a historical fiction 
  • use context clues when reading
  • Use quotations and parentheses

Vocabulary Atlantis

  1. witty full of clever humor, funny
  2. equality being equal, having equal rights and responsibilities
  3. justice being fair and right
  4. perish to die or to be destroyed
  5. demonstrate show how something is done
  6. mourn to feel very sad
  7. blight a plant disease
  8. wept to have cried
  9. violence behavior involving physical force intended to hurt


  1. cloth 11.please
  2. clothes 12. pleasant
  3. nature 13. sign
  4. natural 14. signal
  5. able 15. signature
  6. ability 16. equal
  7. mean 17. equation
  8. meant 18. equator
  9. deal 19. major
  10. dealt 20. majority


Topic 15 geometry 

Essential question: How can two dimensional shapes be analyzed and classified?

Students will be able to 


  • describe quadrilaterals
  • classify shapes
  • analyze and compare quadrilaterals
  • use precision when problem solving


CCSS  3.G.A.1 understand shapes in different categories

Religion Chapter 26 the kingdom of God Continues to Grow

Students will learn and understand that


  •  Jesus used parables to teach about the Kingdom of God
  •  Jesus taught that the kingdom of God will grow
  •  Jesus’ miracles were signs of the Kingdom of God
  • The Kingdom of God grows


Google username
    Educationcity lyrics2learn




Aiden Chetram
  achetram31   AChetram touch  green
  acelestin31   ACelestin   such   see
  aworrell31   AWorrell   stone    main
  baguilar31   BAguilar    group   foot
  arajpaulsingh31   ARajpaulsingh   off   position
  fvictor31   FVictor   iron   although
  gstgourdin31   GStgourdin   dry   top
  kbrizan31   KBrizan   contain   evening
  lenaalexander31   LAlexander   seven   help
  ncontent31   NContent   spread   held
  ngriffith31   NGriffith   present   doctor
  rpascal31   RPascal   put   president
  setienne31   SEtienne   suffix   step
  ptilus31   PTilus   pole   next
  zfrances31   ZFrances   particular   broken
  sdesrosiers31   SDesrosiers   radio   suddenly
Password: Students1234
Password: Shelley3
Password: Shelley3
teacher UN:  pshelley1






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