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Welcome to Mrs. Shelley’s third grade!

Communication is key! We are all here for the same reason, and that is to make sure our children receive the best education they can. This means you and I must be a team. Learning does not only take place in the classroom, and it is very important that we communicate to make sure the needs of our children are met in and out of the classroom.

Reminder: Check OptionC as often as possible so that you are in the loop with your child’s grades.

A few ways to contact me:
-Class Dojo app accessed through cell phone or computer
-Class Folder: This folder goes home and comes back everyday. You must check this folder daily! Please send tuition or other money in an envelope with your child’s name and what it is for.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. I am confident that we will have a great year!  

This week in third grade Nov. 5 – Nov 8  SCHOOL CLOSED FRIDAY NOV 9

ELA – Unit II  Smart Solutions ELA test Nov 6

Essential Question: Which are smart ways that problems are solved?

Story Selection: Prudy’s Problem and How She Solved It

Guided Question: When is it time to find a  solution?

Text based comprehension: draw conclusions and questioning    CCSS  informational text 1

Fluency – rate  CCSS Foundational skill 4, 4.a, 4.b

Writing and conventions-  irregular plural nouns, focus & ideas, writing  an advertisement 

CCSS Language 1.b,  Writing 1.a, 1.b, 4

Phonics & Spelling- compound words

Speaking/listening 4,   presentation

Oral vocabulary CCSS , Language 6

Vocabulary & Spelling for Prudy’s Problem

  1. rubble         broken pieces of rock, stone, or other material
  1. impress      to have a strong effect on someone’s mind or feeling
  1. exception  something that is different from what is usual or the rule
  1. drastic         to be extreme or forceful
  1. inflatable    can be inflated or filled with air
  1. decade        a period of ten years
  1. bulky           large and hard to handle
  1. device        a machine or appliance
  1. petrify        to be frightened so much you can’t move
  1. portable     can be easily carried

Spelling Words

  1. sunglasses       11. butterflies
  2. football             12. lawnmower
  3. homework      13. campground
  4. haircut             14. sandbox
  5. popcorn           15. toothbrush
  6. railroad           16. thumbtack
  7. snowstorm     17. earthquake
  8. earring             18. scrapbook
  9. scarecrow       19. courthouse
  10. blueberry       20. whirlpool

Selection vocabulary words- 

butterflies       collection       enormous   

 scattered          shoelaces          strain

Math –   Topic 4 division and  multiplication facts

Practice multiplication facts every night

 Religion Chapter 25 We Are God’s Holy People Chapter test Wed Nov 7

  1. The word Saint means ‘one who is Holy’
  1. The Immaculate Conception is the belief that Mary was free from original sin the very moment of her life.
  1. The Assumption is the belief that, when Mary’s work on earth was done, God brought her body and soul to live forever with the risen Christ.
  1. God calls all of us to be saints.
  1. All people in Heaven and on earth belong to the Communion of Saints.
  1. We only pray the Hail, Holy Queen at the end of the Rosary.
  1. When we pray the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary, we recall Jesus’ life as a child.
  1. November 1st is the Feast of All Saints.
  1. Mary showed her love for Jesus in many ways. Mary listened to Jesus’ teachings. She believed in him. She was with him when he was dying on the cross.
  1. We can become a Saint by living our faith every day, learn as much as we can about Jesus and the way he treated others, and find out more about the lives of the saints.

Science   Lesson  3 Plants and simple plants

Students will

  • identify the difference between simple and other plants
  • investigate what plants need to sprout
  • learn about why seeds are important
  • learn vocabulary words


simple plant





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