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Welcome to Mrs. Shelley’s third grade!

Communication is key! We are all here for the same reason, and that is to make sure our children receive the best education they can. This means you and I must be a team. Learning does not only take place in the classroom, and it is very important that we communicate to make sure the needs of our children are met in and out of the classroom.

Reminder: Check OptionC as often as possible so that you are in the loop with your child’s grades.

A few ways to contact me:
-Class Dojo app accessed through cell phone or computer
-Class Folder: This folder goes home and comes back everyday. You must check this folder daily! Please send tuition or other money in an envelope with your child’s name and what it is for.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. I am confident that we will have a great year!  

This week in third grade   * May 20

ELA – Unit 6 Freedom                   

Essential Question: What does freedom mean?

Story selection : :Talking Walls Art for the People

Guided Question:  Why is freedom of expression important?

Text based comprehension:  graphic sources & important ideas

fluency – read with accuracy

Writing and conventions-  writing descriptions, combining sentences

CCSS Language 1.a, 1.f, 3.a  Writing 2

Phonics & Spelling-  final syllable

Vocabulary Talking Walls

  1. creative ability to invent and develop original ideas
  2. expressive full of meaning or feeling
  3. emotion a strong feeling of any kind
  4. artistic show talent in music, dance, writing, arts
  5. exquisite extremely beautiful
  6. lecture a talk on a certain subject given to an audience
  7. significant important, great, or noticable
  8. pause to stop somewhere for a short time
  9. view the ability to see something or be to seen
  10. lyrics words of a song


  1. question 11. fiction
  2. creature 12. feature
  3. furniture 13. sculpture
  4. division 14. vision
  5. collision 15. celebration
  6. action 16. fascination
  7. direction 17. legislature
  8. culture 18. manufacture
  9. vacation 19. possession
  10. mansion 20. declaration

MATH Topic 14 time, capacity & mass problems

Essential question: How do we understand time, capacity, and mass problems

CCSS  3.MD.A.1 tell & write time to the nearest minute & measure time intervals, solve word problems involving addition and subtraction

Religion  chapter 22 We continue the work of Jesus test on Tuesday May 21

Students will understand that:

  • Jesus brings God’s life and love to all people
  • Jesus shares his mission with the disciples
  • the Church works for justice and peace
  • we live out the Good News of Christ

Social Studies celebrate freedom

Objective: To learn about three important documents of our country

Students will learn about:

  • Declaration of Independence
  • Constitution
  • Bill of Rights


Unit E investigating matter 

What is matter?

How matter changes.

How do we measure matter?


matter                 atom

physical property      evaporation

solid                    volume

liquid                    mass







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