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 October 2021

Knowing how to keyboard using all fingers on the home-row keys, is important. It helps us to type more words in every minute (60 seconds). Please practice at home.

A reminder to follow the rules while on a computer:

Treat Everyone online with respect.

Tell a teacher, an  adult or grown up if you are being bullied.

Tell a teacher, an adult or a grown up if anything or anyone online scares you or makes you feel uncomfortable.

The Internet is a fun place to play and learn. Use it safely.


SCGSTL is a peanut-free school. NO PEANUT PRODUCTS! Checking packaging ingredients before sending lunch or snacks for your child.
Parent Reminder: COVID Screenings MUST be done online by 7:15 am. No paper copies will be given at the door after Oct. 1st. No child will be allowed to enter the building without screening done prior to entering the building. Our goal is to protect. Detect. Avoid school closure. 
Please keep in mind this is a Post-COVID school year and there are different procedures to enter the building.
  • COVID Screenings must be checked before children enter the building. Screening MUST be done by 7:15 am.
  •  Make sure children have rain gear on as they wait outside to enter the building and we check to see COVID screenings have been completed.
  • If it is cold, make sure children are wearing warm attire so they are not cold while we make sure their screening has been completed
  • Children are considered late after 8 am. 
  • When waiting outside to either pick up your child or drop your child off, please wait in an organized line socially distant outside. The goal is to make sure we are setting positive examples for our children and acknowledging how important it is to stand patiently and socially distant when we are waiting our turn to enter the building
  •  Please go over page 14 of the Student/Parent Handbook.  The Student/Parent Handbook can be found on our page. The weather is changing. Please be sure to send your child(ren) to school with a sweater and or jacket.
    Children should be wearing: 
    • Complete school uniform
    • All black shoes. Girls: No ballet flats.
    • No nail polish of any kind.
    • Girls: No make-up.
    • Girls: Plain burgundy, black, or gray tights or knee socks. 
    • When wearing the Gym uniform, girls can wear either the required sweatpants or school shorts, no leggings are allowed with the uniform
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