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Important Classroom Reminders

  • Knowing how to keyboard using all fingers on the home-row keys, is important. It helps us to type more words in every minute (60 seconds). Please practice at home.
  • A reminder to follow the rules while on a computer:
  • Treat Everyone online with respect.
  • Tell a teacher, an adult or grown up if you are being bullied.
  • Tell a teacher, an adult or a grown up if anything or anyone online scares you or makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • The Internet is a fun place to play and learn. Use it safely.

Students Out Sick

  • If your child wakes up in the morning with a temperature, please DO NOT give your child ibuprofen and then send them to school.  Keep them home. Monitor symptoms. Get them tested.
  • Should your child(ren) be out from school for two or more days, your child(ren) must return with a negative Covid test. 
  • If you have multiple children that attend SCGSTL and one child is experiencing COVID symptoms or is COVID positive, the child experiencing symptoms AND their siblings MAY NOT attend school until a negative COVID screening is received, for all children. 
  • If your child or a member of your immediate household is waiting for a PCR reading because of possible positive COVID results, please DO NOT send your child(ren) to school until a negative result has been confirmed.
  • Your child will only be allowed in the building with NEGATIVE Covid Screening upon their return to school after they have been sick. 
  • Please take the time to review our COVID Parent Handbook COVID Parent Handbook
  • Due to the shortage of school bus drivers please make sure you have alternate transportation for your child in case a bus route is out of service.
  • Letter from the Principal Health and Safety Covid Reminders 
  • ***If you are submitting COVID results to the school please submit them to:
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