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                                                                      Introducing our St. Clare of Assisi

6th Grade Class Schedule


Period Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
1 Social Studies (SS) ELA ELA Science SS
2 Religion Computer Art ELA Science
3 ELA Religion Religion Religion Gym
4 Science Math SS Math Religion
  Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
5 ELA ELA ELA Computer ELA
6 Math SS Science SS ELA
7 Gym Science Math ELA Math


ELA- Reading Log;   

Math- worksheet; study multiplication tables; Review integers, whole #’s and Rational #’s; 

Science:- Finish questions

Social Studies:- Review possible quiz on Pharaohs

This Friday will be a half day.  Pickup is at 11:50pm.  No afterschool.

CHALLENGE:- There is a food drive happening for the victims of the hurricane.  I have challenged each student to bring in at least 3 pieces of non-perishable food items (excluding peanut butter or anything with peanuts).  If ALL STUDENTS brings in 3 items each the class will benefit from a treat.

Please send in pennies & boxtops.  For each set of boxtops students will receive a NUT card & pennies will go to a worthwhile cause.   

Please send an email to to advise if there is access to a computer / tablet at home.  Students will be given review content and homework periodically via that method.  

Parents are asked to send an email to so that I may have you email contact.  In it please let me know your name, and your child’s name.

Thanks in advance.
































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