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Posted below is the actual footage of my classroom set up. Desk were arranged six feet apart and the desk to your right (marked with the X ) will be assigned to each individual student on which they will place their schoolbags, jackets, coats, belongings, etc. 


Please feel free to email me at dchoute@scgstl.org


Our Classroom Saint

St. Bernadette

April 12th – April 16th

Students will continue working on I-ready.

Topics that will be covered

Math 8th grade: Solving systems by elimination

Math 7th grade: How to solve two-steps equation.

Math 6th Grade: How to generate equivalent ratios

ELA 8th grade: The diary of Anne Frank, Act I by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett.

Religion: Students will reflect on why Easter is such an important celebration in catholicism.

March 29th – March 31st 

Monday and Tuesday: No gym uniforms to be worn for pictures. Students must be in their full school uniforms.

Math 8th Grade: Students learn how to use substitution to solve a system of equations with one solution.

Math 7th grade: Students will learn how to write two-step equations to represent a situation.

Math 6th Grade: Students will learn how to use a double number line diagram to solve a ratio problem.

8th Grade ELA: The diary of Anne Frank, Act I by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett.

**** During the break students will be assigned I-ready work to complete on a daily basis****

Thank you.

March 22nd – March 26

Thursday, March 25th “Report card conferences“:  3 – 4 Pm and 5h30 – 7 PM.

Students will be assigned I-ready lessons.

ELA topic: The diary of Anne Frank, Act I by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett.

Math 8th Grade: How does the graph of a system of linear equations represent its solution?

Math 7th Grade:  How does an equation show the relationship between variables and other quantities in a situation?

Math 6th Grade: What is a mathematical way to compare quantities?



March 15th – 19th

Celebrating st. Patrick’s Day!!

For Math 6th, 7th, and 8th  students will be assigned I-ready lessons.

Wednesday and Thursday students are permitted to dress down in celebration of St. Patrick’s day.

For those participating, They must wear something green and a donation of $3 is requested.



March 8th – March 12th


6th grade will be leading in prayers for the week.

Monday and Tuesday: Grade 6th will take a quiz on numerical expressions.

Monday and Tuesday: Grade 7th  will take a quiz on algebraic expressions, markup, markdown, and simple interest.

Monday and Tuesday: Grade 8th will take a quiz on equations, functions, and relations.

Thursday: Virtual Open House Taping.


Welcome To the month of March

Important Dates to remember during this month:

3/2 Read Across America

3/19-3rd Trimester Begins

3/25–Report Card Conferences on Zoom (3:00-4:00 PM & 5:30-7:00 PM)

3/31–Full Day

Math 6th Grade

Topics: Simplify algebraic expressions and understand equations and solutions.

Math 7th Grade

Topics: write and evaluate algebraic expressions.

Math 8th Grade

Topics:  Intervals of increase and decrease and sketch functions from verbal descriptions.

ELA 8th Grade

Topic: The holocaust

Religion 6th Grade

Key ideas: We remember Jesus being in the wilderness and think about what keeps us away from GOD.

We think of Jesus’ role in serving others and how we can follow his guidance.



Math 6th grade: Students will evaluate algebraic equations with decimals and fractions. Use properties of operations to write equivalent expressions. Use properties to identify and justify equivalent expressions.

Math 8th Grade: Students will learn how to graph and interpret a function and solve problems by interpreting functions from a graph. Students will learn how to interpret the graph of a nonlinear function and describe the relationship of quantities.

Religion 6th Grade: Students will identify the meaning of lent and how we prepare for the coming of Jesus and think of ways they will be more present to God during Lent.

ELA 8th Grade:  students will give a presentation on Madam C.J. walker vs Annie Malone. Each student will have a four-minute presentation.

02/25/2021  will be the last day for all students to submit their math projects (6th, 7th, and 8th Grade).


2/3 &2/4–Honors Assembly for Students -1:00

2/7-2/12–Celebration of Catholic Schools Week

2/9–Progress Reports will be distributed through Option C

2/15-2/19–Midwinter Recess

2/17–Ash Wednesday

2/22–Classes Resume



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