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Welcome Back to school.  This will be another big year for you, but I am confident that with hard work and perseverance you will end it as I know that you are capable of.  

The Venerable Pierre Toussaint was chosen as our class focus this year.  I encourage you to learn about him and to try to embody some of his qualities such as perseverance, self motivation, and determination in your everyday life.


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Math supply list


Period Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri


                        Be mindful of what is offered for the daily lunch.                                                              (Week of          )


Tuesday – 

Wednesday – 

Thursday – 

Friday – Pizza


9/5 1st day of classes

9/5 – 9/7 half day.  11:50 dismissal

9/12 Back to School Night

9/18 Picture Day



















Class Honors

Student of The Month (SOM)                                                                                 All Christian Effort (ACE)





6th Grade Class Pics































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