Sixth Grade

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6th Grade Class Schedule


Period Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
1 Social Studies (SS) ELA ELA Science SS
2 Religion Computer Art ELA Science
3 ELA Religion Religion Religion Gym
4 Science Math SS Math Religion
  Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
5 ELA ELA ELA Computer ELA
6 Math SS Science SS ELA
7 Gym Science Math ELA Math


ELA- Complete the Library Journal.

Math- 1-Worksheet 2-Study multiplication table

Science – Answer questions 3-6 and 1-4

Students are asked to please bring in 1 2 pocket file folder to be kept in school.

Friday 9/22/2017 is a half day.  Students are to be picked up by 11:50 am.  No lunch will be served.

Parents are asked to send an email to so that I may have you email contact.  In it please let me know your name, and your child’s name.

Thanks in advance.
































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