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The week of 1/14/19 – 1/17/19

This weeks lesson:

Grade 7 Students will be learning about Troubles in the Frontier.  Essential Question: How did the British gain French territory in North America.

Grade 7 Religion: Jesus the Healer. Essential Question: How do i get beyond hardships and hurts?

Grade 6: Students will be learning about Islam. Essential Question: How are religion and cultural connected?

Grade 8: Supporting the War effort; Essential Question; What steps did the United States government take to prepare the nation for war?

Grade 8 Spanish: Nature: Students will understand the  names of plants: “arbol, plantas, flores” etc.

School News: 

Thursday, January 17, 11:50 dismissal, Faculty meeting and candy sale begins. 

Friday, January 18th, Academy closed for grade k-8 only Professional Day for Teachers.

Monday, January 21, School closed. Observance of Dr. Martin Luther King




Weekly Homework:



Religion Motto project is due tomorrow.



Virtual Nerd Lesson 2-5. Reveiw Lesson 2-5




Social Studies :-

Review American Revolutionary War given notes. Test on Wednesday, January 16th.






Conjegate: Tener. Complete Family Chart

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