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Welcome to Second Grade: Mrs. Luback’s Class


Being a member of Class 2-1 means you are eager and ready to learn. Believe in yourself. Believe you can achieve. If you think someone could use a friend, be one! We are a winning team!

Let’s keep the lines of communication open. Working with your child is a team effort keeping in mind that not all learning takes place in the classroom……not all teaching is done by the teacher…..and not all learning is done by the children.

To speak with me with any concerns you may write a note, call the school office and leave a message for a return call, or email me at








JUNE 12th – JUNE 16th

READING : We have complete UNIT 6: Traditions . We will review WEEK 5. Our story Cowboys. The genre of this story is Narrative Non- Fiction. We will focus on our EQ: What are some traditions and celebrations involving cowboys CCSS – Lit.3 &5. Foundational Skills CCSS Lit 1 Drawing Conclusions. CCSS Lit.2&5. Our writing prompt: Completing Dialogue between 2 using quotations. We will start our Diary of a Second Grader End of Year Memory Book!

ELA/GRAMMAR:This week we will continue with using commas in our writing. We will also review our EQ What are quotation marks, and when do we use them CCSS:Lang 2 and 4b.

PHONICS:We will review suffixes. CCSS: FS 3d/Lang 2

SPELLING:Words for the week :THE SAME WORDS FROM LAST WEEK: kindness careless goodness useless fearless darkness sadness sickness helpless thankless fitness weakness awareness eagerness wireless thoughtless painless brightness bottomless pointless CCSS: FS 3 AMAZING VOCABULARY: Words for the week: cowboy trails cattle campfire gallop roundup chuckwagon lariat chaps CCSS: Lang. 4a/5a

MATH: We will continue Topic 16 Time, graphs, and using data. CCSS: 2MD8/2NBT 1a/b,7 and 9 We will work with our hands on clocks telling time on o’clock, thirty, also known as half past, 15 minutes after the hour and 15 minutes to the hour. Continue to go on Mathletics. Children were given there own username and password. It can be used at home for practice.

SOCIAL STUDIES:We have completed Chapter 8 All About Work we have answered our EQ What are some of the jobs our community has to offer? What are volunteers? What is the difference between needs, wants, goods, and services? TEST -TUESDAY JUNE 6th! STUDY YOUR NOTES NIGHTLY!

SCIENCE: We have completed our chapter on Weather and Other Earth Changes. We know how weather changes and the different kinds of weather there are. We learned a song about the water cycle and compared different kinds of clouds and different weather conditions. Test went well for most!

RELIGION:We will finish Chapter 26 The Church Lives On . We will will continue to discuss our EQ: What can we do to help the church live on? TEST CHAPTERS 17-18-19 went well for most!

SCRIPT: We have finished all lower case letters in script. This week children will be introduce to UPPER CASE LETTERS: /N/ /M/ /H/ /K/ /U /and /Y/. Children will write for HW during the week words:

REMINDERS FOR JUNE: ?Let us continue to encourage our children to strive to do their best in this last trimester in second grade!

June 14th Cowboy and Cowgirl Day: Dress up ! Hotdog Luncheon

June 15th- 8th Grade Graduation Mass! ?Last full day of school and After School.

June 16th- HALF DAY 11:50 Dismissal 8th Grade Graduation at 2 o’clock

June 19th- Half Day sessions begin. LAST DAY OF SCHOOL JUNE 22nd!


Through our year in 2nd grade we have made many memories and learned so much in doing so!

We now say so long to 2nd grade, 3rd grade here we come!