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Welcome to Second Grade

Mrs. Luback’s Class

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CONGRATULATIONS! You are now a member of Second Grade! My name is Mrs. Luback and I look forward to working with my new class as well as parents to improve, encourage and challenge each individual student to work to their fullest potential this school year. Although this year will be very different together we will learn while we are all challenged by this “new normal”.


Being a member of Class 2-1 means you are eager and ready to learn. Believe in yourself. Believe you can achieve. If you think someone could use a friend, be one! We are a winning team!

Let’s keep the lines of communication open. Working with your child is a team effort keeping in mind that not all learning takes place in the classroom……not all teaching is done by the teacher…..and not all learning is done by the children.

Take a look at how 2-1 is social distancing! 

Important Information:

  • Students ARRIVAL  7:45  assemble in the large school yard. DISMISSAL 2:50 in the large yard. Reminder please do not block the back door. Parents are to meet their child/children in the large school yard. Thank You!
  • As the WEATHER CHANGES….. rain, extreme cold(40 degrees or below) snow, students will enter the building through the AVE. D ENTRANCE! Student will then meet their teacher in the cafeteria for breakfast up until 8:05
  • Grade 2 will be using ClassDojo for all daily homework assignments and communication. Parents have  been notified of class dojo and joining our class community. Please don’t wait get connected!
  • We continue to practice the Core 4 to remain safe and healthy while in school
  • Masks are required for ALL Faculty,Staff and Students
  • Please remember to complete Daily the Health Screening for your child on FACTS By 7:15 
  • REMINDER Our school is PEANUT FREE! Please do not send into school any peanut products for lunch. 
  • School Uniform: Students are to be in full uniform daily
  • black shoes only for boys and girls
  • Girls no ballet flats, no nail polish Plain burgundy, black, or gray tights or knee socks
  • Gym uniform school sweat pants and tee shirt, or school shorts No leggings are allowed for the girls



To speak with me with any concerns you may write a note, DOJO message me, email me at or see me in the school yard at dismissal.


Class Schedule: Gym and Computer


TUESDAY: GYM- sneakers and gym uniform to be worn. Students may bring a water bottle







                                                                Week of: OCTOBER 25th- OCTOBER 29th


READING :  This week we will complete Unit 1:   Week 5. This week we will introduce  Story  Title: The Strongest One.  Our EQ we will be  discussing: How does exploration help us find answers?                                             

ELA/GRAMMAR:  We will recall the two kinds of sentences we spoke about last week, declarative and interrogative and answer this weeks EQ:What are imperative and exclamatory sentences? 

PHONICS: We will introduce Consonant Digraphs                                                                                                 Incorporate I Ready with this weeks topic of learning                                                                                                                                                         

SPELLING:   STUDYING YOUR WORDS EVERY NIGHT IS KEY!                                                                                                                     

Words for the week:  This weeks story: The Strongest One                                

1. bunch                                                              6. them                                                                                     

2. that                                                                 7. shape                                                                                         

3. patch                                                              8. whale                                                                                    

4.when                                                               9. itch                             

5.what                                                              10. chase


VOCABULARY: Introduce  Amazing Vocabulary Words.                                             

Words for this weeks story:  The Strongest One

  1. delicate- fragile, easily torn or broken

  2. sturdy- strong

  3. inquire- to ask

  4. exhibit- a display of information

  5. resist- to fight against something 

  6. stunned- very surprised

7.  satisfaction- a feeling of being content and pleased

8. genius-someone who is very intelligent

9.  narrator- a person who tells a story

10. gnaw- to chew, bite, wear away


MATH: This week we will  introduce   Topic 3: Adding within 100 using strategies

 EQ:  What are strategies for adding numbers to 100?

Students will understand:new key words introduced: tens, ones, open number line, mental math,break apart                use a hundreds chart to find sums, add tens and opens on an open number line, break apart numbers to add                incorporate I-Ready  with this weeks topic of learning



 Continue Unit 2 All About Earth  EQ: Can we identify and draw four different kinds of landform?

Students will be able to:recall content knowledge  key vocabulary,discuss and write seven continents and four oceans, illustrate this weeks landforms in science notebook, present  Halloween Map Project Due Tuesday Oct. 26th question answer s                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                SCIENCE:  

Complete Chapter 2 Animals Grow and Change. review   key vocabulary. Recall different ways to classify animals 

Students will understand : There are different groups of animals: Mammals, reptiles, amphibians and insects Students will write different characteristics of each group             

  This week we will carve a pumpkin and  collect the seeds to plant to complete unit 1 Plants grow and Change.



 Continue  Chapters 3 We Celebrate God’s Love

  Content Knowledge: Students will understand:                                                                                                                                we all belong to the Catholic Church                                                                                                                                                     we are baptized members of the church                                                                                                                                                Catholics celebrate God’s love by praying and worshiping                                                                                                               our church celebrates with seven special signs called sacraments 

 Incorporate  The Child Lures Program. This is a program that helps children become aware of how to keep themeselves safe around people who are strangers as well as those people in our lives. Having conversations at home to help our children know how to be careful and alert to those around us in all kinds of situations.



                                          IMPORTANT UPCOMING DATES TO REMEMBER IN OCTOBER!

October 27th- Progress Reports to Parents

October 29th- Trunk or Treat Halloween Dress Up   GUIDELINES: Pre assembled goodie bag are recommanded Covid Visitor policy is in effect( proof of vaccine or weekly negative COVID Test)

Costume masks cannot be used in place of a cloth mask. Do not wear costume masks over a cloth mask it can be dangerous making it hard to breath

Children DO NOT need candy bags. Through the kindness of our SCGSTL Family donations  school was able to purchase bags for each student in the building

If you are not sending your child to school on Friday Oct. 29th, Please be sure to notify the school office as soon as possible

For our K-3 Students: NO costume weapons, devil costumes, inappropriate language on costumes

Please be sure your child is able to remove their costume to use the bathroom

                                       Upcoming Dates In NOVEMBER!

Nov. 1st- All Saints Day Upper grades 9:00 Mass Lower grade Afternoon prayer service at 2:15

Nov. 2nd- Election Day- Virtual  Zoom School Day

Nov. 5th- School CLOSED Teacher PD

Nov. 11th- Veteran’s Day – NO school

Nov. 15th- Scholastic Book Fair- more info to follow

Nov. 24th- Half Day Dismissal at 12:30  BUS STUDENTS ONLY DISMISSAL AT 12:00

Nov. 25th-28th- Thanksgiving Recess

Nov. 28th- Advent Begins

November 29th-December 3rd- Virtual Week  Zoom classes only






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