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Welcome to Second Grade

Mrs. Luback’s Class

CONGRATULATIONS! You are now a member of Second Grade! My name is Mrs. Luback and I look forward to working with my new class as well as parents to improve, encourage and challenge each individual student to work to their fullest potential this school year. Although this year will be very different together we will learn while we are all challenged by this “new normal”.


Being a member of Class 2-1 means you are eager and ready to learn. Believe in yourself. Believe you can achieve. If you think someone could use a friend, be one! We are a winning team!

Let’s keep the lines of communication open. Working with your child is a team effort keeping in mind that not all learning takes place in the classroom……not all teaching is done by the teacher…..and not all learning is done by the children.

Take a look at how 2-1 is social distancing! 

Important Information:

  • Students arrive at 7:45 and assemble in the large school yard.
  • Grade 2 will be using ClassDojo for all schoolwork and communication
  • Attendance for remote days is taken between 8 and 8:15
  • Zoom meeting and passcode will be posted on ClassDojo
  • Please remember to complete Daily Home Screening on Option C


  • Cohort A – Monday and Wednesday in school
  • Cohort B- Tuesday and Thursday in school
  • Cohorts A and B Remote on Friday: All students ‘like’ the daily attendance post between 8:00-8:15. Students must be in their gym uniform.  

 TENTITIVE SCHEDULE:                          

8:20-9:05  Morning Meet and Greet  Welcome Activity  Check and go over Homework      

                    MASK BREAK

9:10-9:50   Vocabulary/Spelling come on zoom  using class ID and Passcode for a short time to get  directions on what you’ll be doing for your  independent work 

                    MASK BREAK

10:00-10:40  Reading/ELA we are Zooming at this time/ Thurs. Cohort B Gym 

                     MASK BREAK

10:50-11-30 Math we are Zooming at this time                                                                                   

11:30-12:15  LUNCH                      

12:20-1:00  Social Studies  we are zooming at this time/ Mon. Cohort A Gym                                                                                                     Tues. Art Both cohorts in school and at home

                       MASK BREAK

1:10 -1:45- Religion we are zooming at this time

1:45 prepare to for dismissal



To speak with me with any concerns you may write a note, DOJO message me or email me at


Class Schedule: Gym and Art

MONDAY: Cohort A Has Gym 12:20-1:00

TUESDAY: Art both in class and on zoom 12:20-1:00


THURSDAY: Cohort B Has Gym 10:00-10:40 

FRIDAY:  Remote learning for all!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                




                                     October 19th- October 23rd                                                                   

READING :  This week we will  complete  Unit 1: Exploration. Moving on to Week 5. This weeks story  title: The Strongest One. Our EQ we will be discussing: How does exploration help us find answers ?                                                                                                                                                                   

ELA/GRAMMAR:  This week we will continue  identify different kinds of  sentences? We will review  Declarative and Interrogative Sentences   and introduce EQ: What are Imperative and Exclamatory sentences? CCSS:Lang.1f Imperative gives a command, tells or asks someone to do something. Exclamatory shows surprise or strong feeling                     

PHONICS: We will  introduce Consonant Digraphs CCSS:FS 3f, Lang 2                                                                                         


Words for the week:  Consonant Digraphs CCSS:FS3f  Lang2       Cohort B Copy in your HW notebook in the middle section AFTER  you finish writing   vocabulary words. 

1. bunch                                               6.them

2. that                                                  7. shape

3. patch                                              8.  whale

4. when                                              9. itch

5. what                                            10.  chase                                                                                            

VOCABULARY: Introducing  Amazing Vocabulary Words   CCSS: Lang.6                                             

Words for this weeks story: The Strongest One   Cohort B Copy in your HW notebook in the middle section. On a clean page start with your complete heading (your name, the date on the first space,next line the name of your school and your class) Cohort A will copy in class.

1 delicate-fragile,easily torn or broken

2.sturdy- strong

3. inquire- to ask

4. exhibit- to display information

5. resist-to fight against something

6. stunned- very surprised

7.  satisfaction- a feeling of beinng content and pleased

8. genius- someone who is very intelligent                         

9. narrator- a person who tells a story

10. gnaw- to chew,bite,wear away


MATH: This week we will complete Topic 4:  Working with Equal Groups  and introduce Topic 5 Place Value to 100.

 EQ: Can we use hands on manipulatives (rods and cubes) to solve addition sentences? Introduce  new vocabulary: rod, cubes, tens, ones. 


SOCIAL STUDIES: We have completed and will review EQ: Who is Christopher Columbus?  Columbus Test Cohort A Wednesday Oct 21st                                                                                                    Cohort B Tuesday  Oct.20th! Reread your notes!       We will play Jeopardy in class and at home on zoom to help us prepare for the test!


SCIENCE: We will continue Unit 1  this weeks EQ: What are the parts of a plant and what do they do? Introduce new words to watch leaves, stem, roots, flower, nutrients,seed coat, germinate, seedling    


RELIGION: OCTOBER is the Month of the Rosary! EQ: What is the Rosary and why do we pray it?  We will continue to pray the rosary in class  this weeks.

EQ: What are disciples?      EQ: Can we complete a Facts Chart about Who is Mary?                                                              

IMPORTANT DATES TO REMEMBER IN OCTOBER                                                                     

Wed. Oct.28th-Progress Reports Go Out Via OptionC to Parents



  • SOM- Student Of The Month:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
  • ACE-  All Christian Effort:


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