Information for Parents and Guardians

Parent Prayer Sites

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Student/Parent Handbook

In an effort to assist you in the educational process, we present this handbook. We believe this information will be beneficial to you and your children in their educational journey.

Adherence to the policies contained in the academy’s Handbook is expected and failure to comply may include consequences. It is the responsibility of all concerned to be familiar with the content of the Handbook. The following statement is on the Emergency form and it requires your signature: 

“I know that the Student/Parent Handbook is on the school website under the drop down button called Parents/Guardians. I know it is my responsibility to read and follow the guidelines, rules and regulations cited in the Student/Parent Handbook. I know that my children who are in Grades 4-8 need to be aware of the guidelines, rules and regulations as well. MUST SIGN BELOW.”

NOTE: Changes and additions to the handbook are made on an ongoing basis. An addendum will be published that expresses the updates to our policies and procedures.

Download the 2022-23 Student/Parent Handbook

Other Forms and Documents

The School Parent Association

The (SPA) is a vital part of our school and provides students, teachers, and parents with support by organizing so many enjoyable events. They work to fundraise and provide fun activities for our students. If you are interested in becoming a committee member call school and we will put you in contact with one of our members.

Support Services

The Academy offers these Department of Education (DOE) Programs:

– Bus passes: Full or half-fare Metro cards can be given to each student. Distance and age of student are criteria for these full or half fare cards.
– Free Bus Service: Look for notices in September. Children using the free bus are not entitled to Metro cards. Pre-K, seventh and eighth graders are not eligible for this service.
– Free Breakfast and Hot Lunch.  NYC LUNCH APPLICATION  Our school is listed as ST. THERESE OF LISIEUX SCHOOL AND OUR SCHOOL CODE is 18N706
– Title I Services – DOE teachers to assist students in reading and math.
– Resource Room Teachers for IESPS students.
– Speech Therapy

The Department of Health Program provides a full- time nurse.

The Program for the Development of Human Potential offers counselor two days a week.

Uniform Information

Dress Code: EVERY PIECE OF THE UNIFORM MUST HAVE THE SCHOOL LOGO ON IT. Uniforms are from Ideal Uniform Company. ONLY school sweaters, school sweatshirts, or school jackets may be worn in the building. Ideal also supplies school shoes. School and gym uniforms should be kept neat and clean. Complete Dress or Gym Uniform is to be worn with pride each day – for it is a privilege. Complete uniform requirements can be found here.