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In this classroom, the students (the superheroes) are cared about. My goal is to encourage the students to be the best person they can be and support them in every way. I promise to do my best to help them learn and grow both inside the classroom and outside the classroom. The students have wonderful gifts, strengths, and talents and I can’t wait for them to share them all with their classmates and I. From what I have seen so far, they are unique and wonderful!

Contact me: Please feel free to contact me throughout the school year. I want to be your partner in supporting your child in any way. ClassDojo is the easiest and fastest way to contact me, however, feel free to email me at any time as well. Email –

“Out of difficulties grow miracles.” 

          -Jean De La Breye’re                       

Week of June 1st – June 5th

Reading/ELA:1000+ Free Book Clipart Images You Can Download Right Now

Class Story: “If You Could go to Antarctica” 

EQ: What would it be like to have an Antarctic adventure? CCSS. IT.1., Lang.5.a

Letter of the Week: Inital and Medial /Ee/ CCSS FS.2.a.,2.d.,2.e.,3

Sight Words: here, go, from  CCSS. FS.3.c

Conventions: Captial Letters and Periods CCSS Language 2.a.,2.b

Vocabulary Words: Direction Words CCSS Lang.6

  1. North
  2. East
  3. West
  4. South  

Weekly Sentences Sentence Icon Stock Illustrations – 4,705 Sentence Icon Stock ...

Ben is here in the den.

I see the dress from Peg. 

Ken can go to the pen.

I got my little hen from Meg.

Len and I go to the tent.

Math:Math Clipart | Clipart Panda - Free Clipart Images

Topic 10: 10-3: Number: Making 17, 18, and 19

EQ: How can the parts of a number be represented as a drawing or as a number sentence with 10 as one of the parts?  

K.NBT.1 Compose and decompose numbers from 11 to 19 into ten ones and some further ones, e.g., by using objects or drawing, and record each composition or decomposition by a drawing or equation (e.g., 18=10+8); understand of ten ones and one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, or nine ones.    


Religion:Praying Hands Clip Art … (With images) | Praying hands clipart ...

Lesson 27: Talking to God  

EQ: When do you talk and pray to God?  

Reminders:Reminder-hand SVG Vector, Reminder-hand Clip art - SVG Clipart

  • Kindergarten Zoom meetings: Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays 1:30pm -2pm

  • All classwork/homework assignments will be posted on Google classroom


We are using distance learning at this time as a preventive measure to combat Coronavirus (Covid-19). As stated in the Distance Learning Plan provided by Mrs. Charles, please adhere to the following guidelines


Guidelines and Expectations:


  • Grades PK-2

 Teachers will post a picture at 8:00 am in the “Class Dojo” app and ask everyone to “like” the image. Teachers will ask for responses from 8am-9am. This will create a thread that is dated and time-stamped for the day.


  • Grades 3-8

Teachers are using the Google Platform to take attendance.  Teachers will post a Google Form document and name it for the day.  Teachers will add a short answer question that reads, “Please type your name to indicate that you are present.” Teachers will leave this survey open to accept responses from 9am-10am. After that time, they will close the survey, and they can see all their responses.


Academic Instructions

  • Classrooms will utilize “Class Dojo, or Google Classroom”. Please see your child’s class webpage for specifics.
  • Students are expected to check assignments by 9am and submit them as prescribed. Each teacher and assignment will have specifications. 
  • All language and written content should be appropriate and pertain to the lesson.
  • Parents are expected to check child’s work before it is submitted.



  • Please check Option C for grades.


Parental Feedback

  • Parents and guardians may reach out with any questions as needed, please note teachers and principal will be available for replies during the hours of 9am -3pm Monday – Friday.





Monday: Music and Art
Tuesday: Library and Gym
Wednesday: Computer and Library
Thursday: Gym
Friday: Music 

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