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Welcome Kindergarten with Ms. Gillis!

WELCOME BACK!!!!  I am so excited to meet all of you! This will be an exciting year filled with lots of new friends, adventures, and learning. Please feel free to contact me throughout the school year. I want to be your partner in supporting your child in any way. ClassDojo is the easiest and fastest way to contact me, however, feel free to email me at any time as well.


Week of September 24th – September 28th 

ELA/Grammar: Unit 1 Week2: We Are So Proud EQ: How do children work and play together? CCSS Lit.3. 

This week’s high-frequency words:  I, am  CCSS FS 3.c

Vocabulary Words:  1) red 2) white 3) blue  CCSS Language 6.

Phonics: Initial letters /Ff/, /Gg/, /Hh/, /Ii/, /Jj/, /Kk/, /Ll/, /Mm/, /Nn/  CCSS FS 1.a and 1.d

Phonological Awareness: Syllables: Students will learn and understand that words have parts (i.e. but-ter)

Math: (Topic 1) 1-4: Number: Counting 4 and 5. EQ: Why is the last number you say important when counting a set of objects?  K.CC.4.a

  • Students will be able to use objects to represent and count the quantities 4 and 5.

Religion: Unit 1: Chapter 1: God Created the World 

  • Students will be able to recall the Bible story “God Created All Things Good” 
  • State that God is the Creator 
  • Demonstrate that all God created is good
  • Share that God created all things good



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  • September 30th: The Feast of Saint Therese Mass at 3pm all are invited.
  • Fall/Pie Sale began Friday September 21st. Please support!!!
  •  Blue handbook cards are due immediately for parents who have not yet submitted.
  • Classroom Supply Donations are due this week (if not yet submitted) 

Monday: Music and Art
Tuesday: Library and Gym
Wednesday: Computer and Library
Thursday: Gym
Friday: Music