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Kindergarten’s Schedule:

Monday – Music and Art

Tuesday – Library and Gym

Wednesday – Library and Computer

Thursday – Gym

Friday – Music


Week of March 20, 2017

Reading – This week we will be reading, “Then and Now”.

Essential Question (EQ) – How are things we use today different  from things we used long ago?

Sight words – they, you, of.

Vocabulary – gears, webcams, phonographs, headphones,  handwritten, newspapers.

Phonics – /o/ Spelled Oo.

Phonemic Awareness – Medial and Initial  /o/.

Math – Due to last week’s school closing and many absences the day after, we will repeat last week’s lesson, Comparing Numbers.

Science – “What Habitat Is That?” Children will be able to identify  four types of habitats and name some of the animals that live there.

Religion – Chapter 12. “We Pray Every Day” . We will identify the Holy Trinity as one God who is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.









We are running low on tissues. Please send in a box with your child at your earliest convenience. Thank you.