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Kindergarten’s Schedule:

Monday – Music and Art

Tuesday – Library and Gym

Wednesday – Library and Computer

Thursday – Gym

Friday – Music



Week of February 27, 2017

Reading: This week we will read, “Little Quack”.

Essential Question (EQ)- What new things can you do as you grow and change? We will discuss what we can do now that we are “big”.

Sight words: me, with, she

Vocabulary words: duckling, paddle, proud, pond, plunged, brave.

Grammar – Verbs for now and past.

Phonics – Initial /r/

Math: Lesson 3 – Number names and the count sequence 8-10.

Religion – LENT – We will discover that Lent is a time to grow in love for God and for others.

Science Spin – We will learn how Veronica Watson got her cool job, and how she builds with LEGO. Then, we become architects and  build with LEGO!

Science vocabulary – architect, interlock





We are running low on tissues. Please send in a box with your child at your earliest convenience. Thank you.