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Welcome Kindergarten with Ms. Gillis!

Week of Dec. 18th – 22nd

ELA/Grammar: EQ: What kind of home does an animal need?  Unit 2 Week 5: Animal Homes. Our story for this week: (Big Book) A Bed for the Winter, (Decodable Story) Tim the Pig (Decodable Reader) Tip and Pat.  CCSS IT 1., CSS IT 3.

Vocabulary words: CCSS Language 6.

  1. nest   
  2. meadow 
  3. stump
  4. tree truck
  5. hive
  6. den

Sight/High Frequency  Words: CCSS FS 3.c.

  • he
  • for

Phonics Awareness: Initial and Medial /i/. Blend Words:  tip – it – tim – sit – pit – sip CCSS FS 2.d , 2.e , 3., 3.a.

Conventions: Adjectives for Opposites  (ex: open/close, soft/hard, happy/sad..) CCSS Language 5.b


Math: Topic 5: Counting, Reading and Writing numbers 18,19 and 20   K.CC.4b,


Religion: Discuss 3rd Week of Advent & Who is Saint Nicholas?



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  • Dec 18th – Talent Show Auditions! 
  • Dec 22nd –  HALF DAY!!! 11:50 am DISMISSAL 


Specials Schedule

Monday: Music and Art
Tuesday: Library and Gym
Wednesday: Computer and Library
Thursday: Gym
Friday: Music and Art

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