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Welcome Kindergarten with Ms. Gillis!

Week of March 12th – 16th

ELA/Grammar: This week we will continue reviewing Unit 3 Week 6: The Lion and the Mouse . EQ: What causes us to change the way we fee? CCSS Lit.1 and 3

Review this week’s high frequency words: they, you, of  CCSS FS3.c

Review vocabulary Words:  1) hard  2)soft  3)rough  4) smooth

Phonics: Write, sound, spell initial letter /Oo/. CCSS FS.3

This week’s sentences to practice reading: (review)

  1. Tom sees you with the mop.
  2. They can pop the top.
  3. You can not see the dot.
  4. He sat on top of the bin. 

Math: This week we will continue reviewing Numbers: Patterns On a Hundred Chart EQ: When you count by 2s and 10s on a chart, what patterns do you see? K.CC.1

Students will continue using one hundred chart to recognize patterns when counting by 2s and 10s.

Religion:  Stations of the Cross: EQ: Why do we pray the stations of the cross. Students will understand Jesus’ sacrifice and love for us.

Saint Patrick: EQ: Who was Saint Patrick? Students will understand why we celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day 



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Friday 3/16: $2 Dress down WEAR SOMETHING GREEN!!!


Specials Schedule

Monday: Music and Art
Tuesday: Library and Gym
Wednesday: Computer and Library
Thursday: Gym
Friday: Music and Art

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