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Welcome Kindergarten with Ms. Gillis!

Congratulations to:

Kennedy Dorlouis (Student Of the Month of March)

Genae McCall (All Christian Effort Award of March)

McKenzie Dorlouis (SOM of April)

Lyric Quintana (ACE of April) 


Week of May 14th -18th

ELA/Grammar: This week we will conitnue Unit 4 Week 5: Abuela. EQ: What kind of adventures can you have in the city? CCSS Lit.2 and 3

This week’s high frequency words: here, go, from  CCSS FS3.c

Review vocabulary Words:  1) month  2)day  3)week 

Phonics: Review Initial /Ee/ . CCSS FS.2.d

Math: (Topic 8) 8-1: Subtraction: Stories About Separating  EQ: How does moving an object, or objects, to the side of a group of objects help you know many objects are left?  K.OA.1

Students will be able to act out number stories that involve separating two groups.

Religion:  Pentecost and The Gift of the Holy Spirit 

Students will understand the meaning of Pentecost and the gift of the Holy Spirit. 



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Wednesday 5/16: Uniform measurements at 10am

Specials Schedule

Monday: Music and Art
Tuesday: Library and Gym
Wednesday: Computer and Library
Thursday: Gym
Friday: Music and Art