Homework: Week of February 26- March 1st

Important Reminders for the Week: 

Black History Month Oral Presentations – Thursday 3/1 

Spelling Test – Thursday 3/1 

NO SCHOOL – Friday 3/2 

Looking ahead…

Math Multiplication Test and Story Vocabulary Test on Monday 3/5



Monday 2/26

Spelling: ABC order
Vocabulary: Sentences for words area & artificial
Reading: Readers and Writers page 179
Math: Reteaching page 5-2 in workbook
Log – Read 30 minutes + get signed

Tuesday 2/27

Spelling – 3x each
Vocabulary – Sentences for words – grapevine and preservative
Reading- Page 178 in Readers and Writers
Log – Read 30 minutes + get signed
Math- Practice page P 5-2 in Workbook

Wednesday 2/28 

Spelling – Sentences ALL Words 
Vocabulary – Sentences for words – proof, raise, raisin 
Reading – Page 181 & 185 in Readers and Writers
Log – Read 30 Minutes + get signed
Math – Worksheet – 9 Facts 

Social Studies: Write Oral Script for Presentation tomorrow 


Thursday 3/1

Vocabulary- Study for Vocabulary Test on Monday
Log – Read 90 Minutes + get signed
Math – Study Review Sheet for Math Multiplication Test on Monday  

Friday 3/2



What are we learning in all subjects this week? 


Story of the Week: “How Do You Raise a Raisin” 

Vocabulary for the Week 

area: a space used for a special purpose

artificial: made by humans not by nature

grapevine: a woody vine on which grapes grow

preservative: a substance used to keep foods from spoiling

proof: anything that can be use to show something is true or real

raise: to lift

raisin: a dried grape 



Multiplication 9 Facts + Patterns 


Social Studies 

Commemorating Black History Month by creating google slides to display important facts about our chosen African American person. 



We are making goals to live by during out Lenten Journey and recognizing our impulsive behaviors so by the end of Lent we can make a change to our inner self.