Homework: Week of 4/30 – 5/4

Important Reminders for the Week: 

  1. IMPORTANT: If you wish to not purchase pictures – Return Package back to School ASAP 

      2. There are still a few seats left for Adventure Land Trip

                   *** Please bring in money ASAP to reserve a seat.

      3. 3rd grade will be participating in the Spring Show 

           Date: May  11th @ 7pm. All Parents Welcome 

**Spring Show Tickets are NOW on Sale**

– Tickets MUST be purchased in the Office – $5 each 

  • NO tickets will be sold at the door 

      4. Walk-a-thon – Donations are still being accepted
       -NOTE- After Wednesday 5/2 any money that is received will          allow student to participate that day but will not receive a T-            shirt. 


Looking Ahead:

4 of our students will be receiving Holy Communion this Sunday 5/6 – Please pray for them as they receive this Holy Sacrament.  

Vocabulary Test – “Rocks in his Head” Monday 5/7 

Progress Reports are being sent home Thursday 5/10 

Friday 5/11 – Early Dismissal 11:50am – Students are expected to return back for Spring Show at 6:30pm  


Homework – Week of 4/30 – 5/4

Monday 4/30
Spelling : ABC Order
Vocabulary: Sentences for words – attic & board
Math: Reteach R9-1
Log: Read 30 minutes

Tuesday 5/1
Spelling : 3x each
Vocabulary: Sentence for word- chores
Reading: p 272 & 274
Math: Practice P9-1
Log: Read 30 minutes

Wednesday 5/2
Spelling : 1-10 Sentences
Vocabulary: Sentences for words- customer, labeled
Reading: p 270 & 276
Math: Worksheet
Science: Lesson Check Worksheet
Log: Read 30 minutes

Thursday 5/3
Spelling : 11-20 Sentences – Spelling Test Tomorrow
Vocabulary: Sentences for words- spare and stamps
Reading: p 273
Math: Worksheet
Log: Read 30 minutes

Friday 5/4
Vocabulary: Test Monday 5/7
Log: Read 90 minutes

What are we learning in all subjects this week? 


Spelling Words :  Prefixes: pre-, mid-, over-, out-, bi-, re-

1. prepaid
2. midnight
3. overflow
4. outdoors
5. outline
6. overgrown
7. prefix
8. Midwest
9. pretest
10. midpoint
11. outgoing
12. overtime
13. overdue
14. outside
15. outfield

Challenge Words
16. precaution
17. prediction
18. midsection
19. overweight
20. prehistoric

Story of the Week: “Rocks on His Head”

Vocabulary Words

1. attic – the space in a house just below the roof and above other rooms
2. board– a group of people who manage something
3. chores – small tasks or easy jobs that you do regularly
4. customer– someone who buys goods or services
5. labeled – put or wrote a label on something
6. spare – extra
7. stamps– small pieces of paper with glue on the back for mailing letters and packages


9-1 Dividing Regions of Whole into Equal Parts 

Using Grid Paper to draw representations of halves, thirds, fourths, sixths, eighths, and tenths


Unit – Plants 


How do leaves help plants 

How do the roots help plants 

Types of Roots 


We are learning all about growing our spiritual garden to ensure that we are following the steps of Jesus. We need to continue leaning towards the “Light” which is Jesus. We need to receive our “water” from the “Holy Water” we receive by attending church every Sunday to hear the gospels. Lastly, our foundation is from a fresh start with no sin.