Homework for Week of 6/4 – 6/8

Important Reminders for the Week: 

1. Science Quiz – Plant Life Cycles – Friday 6/8

2. Spelling Test – Friday 6/8 

3. Adventure Land Seats are still available – Money due ASAP 

4. Spring Pictures – Money or Packets – Due ASAP if they weren’t turned in


Looking Ahead:

Monday 6/11 – Math Test – Fractions, Vocabulary Test- Good-bye Shin Dang Dong


Homework – Week of 6/4 – 6/8

Tuesday 6/5
Spelling: ABC Order & 3x each
Vocabulary: Sentences for words airport, cellar, curious
Reading: p 338 in Readers and Writers
Math: R 9-7
Log- Read 30 minutes

Wednesday 6/6
Spelling: Sentences for 1 -10
Vocabulary: Sentences for words delicious, described and farewell
Reading: p 341 & 343 in Readers and Writers
Math: P 9-7
Log: Read 30 minutes
Religion: p 111 – We Respond – Memorize Apostles Creed

Thursday 6/7
Spelling: Sentences 11-20
Vocabulary: Sentences for words homesick, memories and raindrops
Reading: p 345 in Readers and Writers
Math: Textbook p 234 Questions 5-10
Log: Read 30 minutes
Science: Review Sheet – Quiz Tomorrow 

Friday 6/8

Study for Vocabulary & Spelling Test – Monday 6/11

Log: Read 90 minutes


What are we learning in all subjects this week? 


Spelling Words – Vowel Patterns au, augh, ou, ough

1. small
2. almost
3. always
4. because
5. straw
6. drawn
7. also
8. author
9. false
10. already
11. flaw
12. sausage
13. applause
14. walnut
15. lawn

Challenge Words
16. awesome
17. altogether
18. awning
19. faucet
20. laundry

Story of the Week: “Good-bye, 382 Shin Dang Dong”

Vocabulary Words

1. airport – an area used regularly by aircraft to land and take off
2. cellar – an underground room or rooms, usually under a building
3. curious – eager to find out or learn about new things
4. delicious – Tastes very good
5. described – told about in words or writing
6. farewell – good-bye
7. homesick – wanting to go home
8. memories – persons, things, or events that you can remember
9. raindrops – the water that falls in drops from the clouds


9-7 Fractions and Length

A fraction can name a part of a length.

Length = how long an object is. 

1 whole Fraction Strip can be divided into equal fractional parts. 

Unit Fraction is a fraction that represents 1 part of the whole that is being described because 1 is in the numerator

Numerator – shows how many equal parts are being described

Denominator – shows the total number of equal parts in a whole. 

Total Parts divided by number of groups equals the amount of parts in each group. 


1/3 of 12 = 4 

12 total parts divided by 3 groups = 4 parts in each group


Unit – Plants   

How do seeds grow – Growth process 

Plant Life Cycles – Flowering Plant 

  1. Germinating Seed – Seed begins to grow with the right amount of water, oxygen and warm temperature. The seeds developing leaf will sprout and the stem will grow up as the roots grow down. 
  2. Growth – Young plant grows leaves and starts to make sugar for food. It grows into an adult leave with flowers. 
  3. Pollination – the process of making pollen. Some flowers use the pollen to make seeds. Pollen is transferred from one plant to another to make a new plant. 
  4. Adult Plant with seeds – The adult plant produces seeds that will form a new plant. 


We are learning all about how we belong to our Parish and God has sent the holy spirit in this new season of Pentecost.

Social Studies 

How to be a good citizen. 

Common good-  doing whats best for everyone. 

Ways to be a good citizen 

  • obey laws
  • voting
  • give back- such as volunteering

Pledge of Allegiance – a promise to be loyal to our country