Faculty and Class Pages

Mrs. D. Morris
Principal (dmorris@scgstl.org)

Ms. J. Parris
Secretary (jparris@scgstl.org)

Mrs. T. Kennedy
Business Manager (tkennedy@scgstl.org)


Mrs. C. Lucas | Class Page
PKA-1 (clucas@scgstl.org)
PKA-1 Teacher Aide – Ms. S. Seales
PKA-1 Teacher Aide – Ms.  E. Wade

Ms. B. Lewis | Class Page
3K (blewis@scgstl.org)
3K Teacher Aide – Mrs. T. Sylvester


| Class Page

Ms. S. Wilson| Class Page
1st grade (swilson@scgstl.org)

Mrs. C. Luback | Class Page
2nd Grade (cluback@scgstl.org)

Ms. B. Rodriguez | Class Page
3rd Grade (brodriguez@scgstl.org)

Mr. A. Crawford | Class Page
4th Grade (acrawford@scgstl.org)

Ms. E. Cruz | Class Page
5th Grade Homeroom   (ecruz@scgstl.org)

Mr. E. Soto |Class Page
6th Grade Homeroom (esoto@scgstl.org)

Mr. W. DelValle | Class Page
 7th Grade Homeroom (wdelvalle@scgstl.org)

Ms. G. Dimino | Class Page
8th Grade homeroom (gdimino@scgstl.org)

Ms. M. Beals
Math Resource (mbeals@scgstl.org)

Ms. C. Eustache | Class Page
Creative Arts (ceustache@scgstl.org)

Mr. P. Smith
Technology and Physical Education, Grades K-8 (psmith@scgstl.org) 
Technology Class Page | P.E. Class page