Hello November!

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Classroom Updates: We are moving on from our short vowel sounds and pressing more into social studies and science! We had a lot of fun over the last few weeks with our Pumpkin Series of experiments! We did a taste test, a sink and float experiment, we planted some seeds and most importantly we tracked observations of each of these.  

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In social studies, we are focusing on how to use maps and what it means to see the world.  So many of our friends have been on airplanes and been to different places and we’re having fun finding them on the big map! What we’re reading right now is directly related to our lessons and we’re having a lot of fun with these stories! 

Our Faith: Our Rosary Rally was a huge success! The first graders were so

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excited to not only have their own rosaries but did you know each child actually made their own! We encourage you to continue to use these rosaries at home and pray with the children as the school year continues! We’ll be doing a little bit here each day as well! 

What we’re reading: “The Arrival” Shaun Tan; We’ve got the Whole World in our Hands” Rafael Lopez; “Whoever you are, Quienquiera que seas” Mem Fox; “Pickle and Squeak World Traveler Series” 

Reminders: we are still accepting donations of paper towels, Clorox (or similar) wipes, baby wipes, and tissues – flu season is nearly upon us and we need to remain vigilant in classroom cleanliness! 🙂 


Ms Werfelman