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Welcome Ms. Peluso’s Fourth Grade!


I am extremely happy to collaborate with the parents of my students. Your questions and your children are highly valuable to me! If you need to get in touch, I can be reached via email at or via phone at 718-629-9330.

Important Upcoming Dates:

Winter break- School closed February 20th-24th.


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On Our Agenda for February:

ELA/Reading:  Students will be reading the historical fiction book Pink and Say by Patricia Polacco. Students will explore United States Civil War and will be writing about the themes of the story. In grammar, we are placing special attention on verbs- main and helping as well as irregular verbs. Our essential question for this unit is What are story themes?

Math: We are working on a unit entitled What is Geometry? Students will be able to differentiate parallel, perpendicular, and intersecting lines. They will also be able to distinguish various types of angles as well as use a protractor to measure angles.

Science: We are continuing our unit on ecosystems, and our essential questions will be: How do organisms interact with and affect their environments? During this unit, students will create food webs and chains. Students will also watch March of the Penguins and will write essays about the adaptations of penguins.

Social Studies: We are now exploring the essential question of How did NY become a European colony? We will focus on the events that lead New York from being inhabited solely by Native Americans to being populated by people from Europe. Students will also learn how to read latitude and longitude and will also create narrated presentations.

 Religion: We have begun a new unit and are studying the question How is our conscience our guide? We will explore how to make choices by using the acronym WWJD- What would Jesus do?


Catholic Schools Week 2017


Class 4-1 Spelling Bee Contestants!                                                                                                                                               Eighth Grade performs skits for fourth grade!

Celebrating Theme Day- the movie Sing!

Fourth Grade Loves Their Classroom Set of Chromebooks!