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Welcome to Ms. Peluso’s Fourth Grade Class!

My students and their families are extremely important to me. If you have a question or need to get in touch with me I can be reached via email at or please call the school office at (718) 629-9330 and leave a message for me.

Week of November 12th-November 15th

Dismissal Information:

Full days- 3:00 PM; Half-days- 12:30 PM

Gym Class:

Students  have gym on Mondays and Fridays. Please make sure your child has his/her gym uniform.


We are collecting for the St. Therese Food Pantry between November 1st through November 15th. Please look at the suggested items list. 

Upcoming quizzes and tests:

None this week

**Donations of boxes of tissues as well as Lysol and Clorox wipes are gratefully accepted.**

In the classroom this week:

ELA/Reading:  We have begun our new unit and will be reading about The Truths and Myths about the First Thanksgiving. We will also be studying complex sentences.

4th Grade Math: We will be using our addition and subtraction skills of multi-digit numbers in word problems.

5th Grade Math: We are finishing our unit on adding and subtracting decimals and will start on multiplying multi-digit numbers

Science: We have begun a new unit and examine the question of what organisms need to survive.

Social Studies:  We have created travel e-brochures on some great places to visit in NY. As your child to show you his/her presentation. We will also begin a new unit on the first people to inhabit what is now NY.

Italian Grades 4 and 5: We are working on common phrases for basic conversation in  Italian

Homework for Fourth Grade for 11/7/19:

1. ELA: In your ELA notebook, list 10 truths and myths you have already learned about the first Thanksgiving. Use chapters 1 and 2 for help.
2. Math: Workbook, pg. 87, skip #4. Show work.
3. Reading Log 
Next Friday, 11/8 no school and Monday, 11/11


Fifth Grade Math Homework for 11/7/19:

Workbook, finish page 91 and do pg. 92. Show work. Test on Thursday, 11/14.




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