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Welome to 4th Grade!

Please feel free to contact Mr. Andrew Crawford with any questions, concerns, and comments at or call the school office at 718-629-9330, leave a message, and I will return your call.

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Our Classroom Saint

St. Josephine Bakhita

 October 2021


*HEALTH SCREENINGS MUST BE COMPLETED EVERY SCHOOL DAY BY 7:15 am.  NO PAPER COPIES WILL BE GIVEN AFTER OCTOBER 1.  No child will be allowed to enter the building without screening done prior to entering the building. Our goal is to protect. Detect. Avoid school closure.

Lunch Policy

*SCGSTL is a peanut-free school. NO PEANUT PRODUCTS! Checking packaging ingredients before sending lunch or snacks for your child.

Inclement weather

*As the weather changes (extreme cold (40 degrees or below), rain, snow) – students will enter through the main street entrance. Students will enter one at a time on Avenue D, into the cafeteria.

Dates to Remember

*Terra Nova continues October 18th grades 3-8

*October 24, 2021: Deadline for Internet and telephone registration. Parents should not miss this deadline!

*Progress reports will be going home on October 27th.
November 2nd: Election Day – Virtual Day
November 29th – December 3rd – Virtual Week.

F.R.E.A.K(IND).Y Friday:

● Takes place every Friday.
● Each class will work on a small weekly project that gives back to our community.
● The goal is to spread the Good News and to make it fun for our children.
● Spread the Good that is inside our building.
● It’s our way of sharing our Mission.
● Building our Community.
● Bringing everyone together.

Lesson Plans

ELA/ Reading 

Objective: Students will begin reading together and posing questions on our class novel Super Fudge by Judy Blume. 

-Students will work from the Vocabulary Orange book. 

-Students will read and discuss the literature aloud. 

-Students will answer questions in detail about the novel.

-Students will be assigned I-Ready lessons based on our class topics to do at home


Objective: Students will focus on how to read and apply equations to addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

-Students will work from Envision Math books as a class and independently.

-Students will be assigned I-Ready lessons based on our class topics to do at home.

Social Studies 

Objective: Chapter 2: The Environment of New York. 

-Students will read, listen, and learn about the first New Yorkers. 

-Students will answer review questions on the topic lesson.



-Students will review and write meanings of the topic area. 

-Students will continue to learn forms of energy.

-Students will work from the Elevate Science workbook.


Objective: Students will learn from the We Believe workbook. 

-Students will continue to focus on Growing in Jesus’ Christ. 

-Students will learn of the Child Lures Program



Double Good Popcorn Fundraiser

Posted on December 2, 2021

It is that time of the year again! 

SCGSTL has teamed up with Double Good Popcorn to raise money for the technology in our building. Our goal is to one day become a paperless school! Going paperless will give our children the competitive advantage of learning through technology as they navigate their educational journey. It will also help us try to eliminate our carbon footprint by saving trees.  

Raising money for our school technology includes, but is not limited to:

  •  Chromebooks for every child
  •  Upgrades on the smartboards
  • Online resources for children
  • Upgrading WIFI and internet speed
  •  Upgrading online assessments
  • Introduce competitive and informative STREAM programs
  • Provide professional development for teachers on the newest and latest instructional trends for children. 

Why not offer your family, relatives, & friends the opportunity to purchase some of the best gourmet popcorn known to man and help raise money to create a competitive edge for your child(ren)’s education in technology.

The event is 100% online through Pop-Up Stores that you will create on your phone and send out to everyone! There is no money to collect, no forms to fill out, nothing to send out. All orders and payments are made online and the products are shipped directly to the customer ANYWHERE IN THE USA! All you do is keep sharing your Pop-Up store and watch your funds grow! Easy Peasy!

The event is open for 5 DAYS ONLY starting December 6th at 5 pm and ends December 10th at 5 pm.

Here’s What You Do:

  • Download the Double Good App create an account with your name and email. The app is available on IOS and Android
  • Create your OWN pop-up store 
  • Add a quick note in the app as to why you are raising money! Here is an example: “Hi, I’m raising money so I can help my school go paperless so I can learn through technology and so that we can reduce the amount of paper we use in my school” “Please help me meet my fundraising goal!”
  • Use code JQLIBV.

Since we want this to be competitive and fun here are some prizes the top 3 selling classes will earn:

  • 1st Prize: Pizza Party
  • 2nd Prize: Ice Cream Party
  • 3rd Prize: Class NUT card


*FYI: Mr. DelValle and the 7th grade already have a plan … LOL!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school so we can help!

Good Luck Everyone,

Principal Morris

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