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 Welcome to Ms. Peluso’s Fourth Grade!







Fourth grade is using their class set of Chromebooks!



I am very excited to work with my fourth grade students and their families this academic year of 2017 to 2018. I am also extremely happy to collaborate with the parents of my students. Your questions and your children are highly valuable to me! If you need to get in touch, I can be reached via email at or via phone at 718-629-9330.

Congratulations to  the fourth grade for a fabulous performance in the school’s Christmas Festival. Your hard work and dedication shined through!!!

This week in Fourth Grade December 11th-15th:

Quizzes/Tests this week:

Math Test Wednesday, 12/13- Multiplication and multi-step word problems

Spanish Quiz Friday, 12/15- En la clase- Things found in the classroom

Important information for this week and next:

December 14th- School Trip to see ELF

December 22nd- Half-day, 11:50 AM dismissal.

December 22nd- Lesson and Carols at 10:30 followed by Awards Ceremony. Family members are welcome to join us.

**We are now entering the height of cold and flu season. Donations of boxes of tissues as well as Lysol and Clorox wipes are gratefully accepted.**


ELA/Reading:  We  are finishing reading the non-fiction story So You Want to Be President? And, students will write persuasive essays on why or why not they would want to be president of the United States using textual evidence as support. Our grammar point is common and proper nouns.

Math: We are still focused on applying multiplication in two-step and multi-step word problems. We will then move on to 2 digit by 2 digit multiplication and how to calculate area and perimeter. Please be sure to quiz your children on their times tables!

Science: We are still examining the question of what living organisms need to survive, and this week we are particularly focused on pollination and on seed movement/plant life cycles. Students will be using their many talents by the end of this week to create their own explanations of seed dispersal- either by art, creating a presentation, or creating video explanation.

Social Studies: We are now focused on the first inhabitants in NY. We will explore who the Algonquian were. Be sure to ask your child how the first inhabitants of what is now NY arrived here.

Religion: We are focusing on the meaning of Advent and will be making our own Advent wreaths. We will also be creating and acting out stories that reveal the true meaning of Christmas.