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Welcome to First Grade!

This week in First Grade June 12- June 122 in ELA Great Ideas

Essential Question: What difference can a great idea make?

Story of the Week:?Great Inventor Alexander Graham Bell and A Stone Garden

Question of the week: How can a great idea make our lives easier?

ELA- Comprehension : main idea and details, summarize ccss informational text 2

Fluency appropriate phrasing –ccss Foundational skills 4.b.

Writing and conventions – focus/ideas, advertisement, pronouns ccss writing – 1,5

Language – 1.d, adverbs

First grade will be finishing up our unit on Great ideas

No spelling or voc tests

books will be sent home please clean out book bag and folders

Half days begin Friday June 16

Last day of school is June 22

First grade will have an award celebration next week

Bring your own drink I will bring the snacks

Have a safe and wonderful summer!

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