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May 20- May 24, 2019

We are currently in First place with the  (penny) harvest Thank you to all the families, students and friends who have contributed to our class.  However, we still need more.  It does not have to be just pennies!  It can be other coins and dollar bills.  All money raised goes to our school.  Also, we need more   (box tops).  Our class is in last place.  Box tops can be found on cereal boxes, soup cans, snack boxes, etc.  Please help us get out of last place.


  • Mondays= Band/Music Class (Bring your instrument),   
  • Tuesdays = Art Class + Gym Class,   
  • Wednesdays = Computer Class
  • Thursdays = Gym Class, Social Studies Test
  • Fridays (Music) Class 


Students will be Comparing and Ordering by length.  Students will practice how to measure by using paper clips.  They will look to see which objects are longest and shortest.Students should be practicing their Math skills by using Mathletics for 30 minutes each night.

Students will read “I’m a caterpillar”.  They will learn about the life cycle of a butterfly.  They will continue to practice sequence of events in a story.  Students will also learn the difference between an article and a short story.  They will practice answering reading comprehension questions.


Students will be learning about compound words and making words plural by using the form “ES”.

ELA: Students will continue to practice contractions.  They will practice writing sentences.  They will continue to write stories and poems about their mom for Mother’s Day.




Students are learning words. The new words are:

way, day, play, may, gray, rain, train, tail, mail, afraid

New vocabulary words: celebrate, loot, grateful, delicate, rarest, genuine, cherish

High Frequency Words: about, enjoy, give, surprise,  worry,  would     



Students will learn what it means to be a good citizen.  They will learn about the biography of Mary McLeod Bethune.  They will learn the role of a mayor, president, and governor.




Students will continue to learn about how the rain and sun help seeds grow. Also, Students will learn about living things. The Essential Question: HOW DO THE PARTS OF PLANTS AND ANIMALS HELP THEM?  Students will play games that will help them to learn the difference between living and non-living things.  They will learn the 5 different types of animals in our world such as mammals, birds, insects, reptiles and fish

Science Vocabulary: 
  • root- takes in water
  • stem- takes water from the roots to the leaves and holds up the plant. 
  • Water and nutrients move from the roots, up the stem and into the leave
  • leaf-makes food
(Students will learn the difference between flowers and fruits)



Jesus and the Big Catch of Fish” — John 21:1-19.  Students will complete puzzles sheets.  They will learn why Jesus asked 3x Simon Peter if he loved him.  Students will understand that Jesus used metaphors such as the people are the sheep.





Posted on May 20, 2019

  • Monday = Band/Music (Bring your instrument)
  •  Tuesday = Art class, gym
  •  Wednesday = Computer class
  •  Thursday = gym
  •  Friday = May Crowning/Rosary rally= Church 10:45am, Spelling Test


Homework Week: May 20th- May 24th 2019


  • Put High Frequency words in ABC order
  • Reader’s and Writer’s Notebook p. 409
  • Math Workbook Page R 12-6


  • Spelling- Write words 3x each
  • Reader’s and Writer’s Notebook P. 410
  • Math Workbook Page p12-6


  • Create a sentence for each vocabulary word
  • Reader’s and Writer’s Notebook P. 411
  • Math WorkBook Page R13-1
  • Bring your library book!!


  • Reader’s and Writer’s Notebook P. 415  
  • Math Workbook Page p13-1
  •  Practice songs for May Crowning/Rosary Rally
  •  Study for spelling test


  • Reader’s and Writer’s Notebook P. 417
  • Math WorkBook Page R13-2
  • Bring your Rosary Beads!!!


Homework week of April 15th, 2019

Posted on April 15, 2019


  • Write spelling words 3x each
  • Reader’s and Writer Notebook page 365
  • Math Workbook P 11*1
  • Study Spelling words


  • Choose 5-7 spelling words and put them into a sentence. Underline the Word.
  • Reader and Writer’s Notebook Page 367
  • Math Workbook page R 11*2
  • Study Spelling words


  • Spelling/ Vocabulary- Put in ABC order (Humongous, Destroy, Dim, Shade, Sprout)
  • Reader’s and Writer’s Notebook page 368
  • Math Workbook page P 11*2
  • Study Spelling words


  • Spring Break Practice Booklet

  • Study Spelling words


  • Spring Break Practice Booklet

  • (Wherever you are, stop and say a prayer at 3pm)


Have a Blessed and safe Easter Vacation

Reminders Week of March 18th, 2019

Posted on March 18, 2019
  • Spring Pictures are to be taken on March 19th, 2019. Dress to impress!!!!
  • Wednesday March 20th, 2019 is Report Cards Afternoon 3:30- 5 PM and Night 6-7 PM.
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