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Welcome to First Grade!

 This week in First Grade  Feb. 27 – March 3   Unit 3 in ELA Changes

Essential Question: What is changing in our world?

Story of the Week: Frog and Toad Together The Garden

Question of the week:   What changes happen in a garden?

ELA-   Comprehension : Author’s purpose and visualizing  ccss Literature 1, 3, 7

Fluency -expression and intonation ccss Foundational skills 4.b.

Writing and conventions –   writing and expanding sentences and lists 

       and verbs for past and future ccss writing 2  Language 1.j, 1.e

High frequency words:     afraid     again     few     how     

                                                    read     soon         ccss Foundational skills 3.g.

Spelling words:  1. plan   2. planned     3. help   4. helped     5. drop 

                                 6. dropped     7. call    8. called      9. ask    10. asked

Phonemic awareness, phonics and spelling  – -r  controlled ar, adding endings

  segment and blend phonemes & syllables,  add phonemes, isolate final phoneme

ccss Foundational skills  2.c., 3,  3.f.,  Language  2.d., 

listening and speaking- Poetry presentations  ccss S/L 4  Literature 10

Oral vocabulary ccss Language 5.c

Amazing Vocabulary words

  1. gardener someone who grows a garden
  2. nature everything in the world not made by people
  3. humongous very, very big
  4. sprout to begin to grow
  5. dim not bright
  6. shade where light has been blocked from the sun
  7. sprinkling to fling small drops of water on something
  8. destroy to ruin something

Bring Box Tops And pennies

Math –   ccss 1.NBT.C.4, c.5     Review  Topic 9 comparing two digit numbers

Practice subtraction & addition facts

Topic 10 use models and strategies to add ten’s and one’s

Social Studies:  communities, where we live, geography-maps

Science -Plants and plant parts, what plants need

Religion  Chap 23  We celebrate the Mass 

Religion Chapter 23 We celebrate the Mass

  1. The altar is the table of the Lord.   
  2. The Gospel is the Good News about Jesus Christ and his teachings.
  3. When we pray “Amen”, we are saying, “Yes, I believe”.
  4. When people receive the Body and Blood of Christ, they say “Amen”.
  5. We get ready to receive Jesus in Holy Communion by praying the Our Father.
  6. Some things we do at the beginning of Mass are  
  • we pray the sign of the cross
  • We stand and sing
  • We welcome one another
  • We ask God and one another for forgiveness



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