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This week in First Grade March 12 – March 16

ELA – six week    CHANGES – Essential question – What is changing in our world?

Story selection – I’m a Caterpillar

Guided question:   What changes can be seen in nature?

Text based comprehension –  Author’s purpose,  fact & opinion   CCSS   Literature 1, 3, 7

informational text 3

Writing and conventions – writing sentences, verbs for past and present, captions and pictures

CCSS Language    1.e , 2 Writing 2, 5

Fluency –  expression and intonation   CCSS Foundational Skills 4.b

Oral vocabulary CCSS Language 5.c

Vocabulary words –  I’m a Caterpillar

1. develop                   to go through stages of growth


2. vessel                     a thin tube that carries blood inside your body

3. flurries                  light snowflakes

4. rearrange             to put things in a different order

5. emerge                  to come out from

6. insect                    a name for a bug such as a butterfly or a bee

7. cycle                     a series of events that always happen in the same order

8. fragile                something that can be easily broken  

 High frequency words:        done     know     push

                                                        visit     wait             CCSS Foundational skills 3.g

  Spelling words:                 1. her       2. first        3.  bird       4. girl       5. burn

                                                     6. were      7. shirt       8. fur         9. hurt         10. sir   

Phonemic Awareness –  segment and blend phonemes & isolate final phonemes,  add  phonemes  

 CCSS Foundational skills   2.c, 

Phonics-  Vowels: r-Controlled   er, ir, ur,   contractions 

CCSS Foundational skills 3,    Language 2.d 

Listening & Speaking –    share information and ideas  CCSS Speaking/Listening  1.a

Math-  Topic 10 adding with tens and ones test on Thursday 

begin topic 11 subtracting with tens and ones

CCSS  1.NBT.4, 1.NBT.6   

Religion – chapter 20   LENT continue discussing season of Lent

Work on our journey through Lent and our Lenten Garden Project

“Try to do what is pleasing to the Lord”

 Students will understand that during Lent

  • we can grow closer to Jesus by helping people who are sick, lonely or sad
  • some people give up treats or special snacks
  • we give money that we would have spent on ourselves to the poor
  • the Church gets ready to celebrate Jesus’ death and rising to new life

We will visit Church and learn about the Stations of the Cross

Learn facts about St. Patrick

Social Studies review and continue

theme on geography unit 2 where we live

Discuss communities, maps, map symbols, map key, compass rose,

Directions North, South, East, West 

Science –   Winter, changes, animals, seasons



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