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This week in First Grade Oct. 16 – 20

ELA – six week unit My World – Essential question – What is all around me?

Story selection – Farmers Market – Guided question  What can we see  around our neighborhood?

Text based comprehension – Realism & Fantasy CCSS Literature 5

Writing and conventions – sentences with nouns, verbs, and adjectives

CCSS Language 1.j, 2, 2.b

Oral vocabulary CCSS Language 5.c

Amazing Vocabulary words

1. bargain    something you bought or is on sale at a low price

These new shoes were a bargain.

2. browse to look or read here and there

Browse through your new reader.

3. bustling to move in a fast and noisy way

The traffic in the city is bustling.

4. library a place where you can read or borrow books

We went to the library to get new books to read.

5. fact something you can prove is true

It is a fact that I am a teacher.

6. cost the price you pay for something

The muffins cost six dollars.

7. customer a person who wants to buy something

The customer was waiting on line to pay for her food.

8. scale a device used for weighing  

The clerk weighed my vegetables on the scale.

High frequency words:   where     here    go    for    me      CCSS Foundational skills 3.g

Phonemic Awareness – initial, medial & final phonemes, segment and blend phonemes, count phonemes   CCSS Foundational skills  2. b, 2.c, 

Phonics- consonants   v, y, z, qu,  & short u    CCSS Foundational skills 3

Listening & Speaking – relate an experience in sequence   CCSS Speaking/Listening  4, 6

Math-   understanding addition – Test on Topic 1 – Tuesday  Oct 10

Begin Topic 2 Understanding subtraction  Lessons 2-5 to 2-9

 subtraction sentences , subtraction stories CCSS 1.OA.4, 1.OA.6     

Religion – chapter 6 & 7 the Church year

We are learning about the Church year this week.  Religion book will be sent home every night but must be returned to school every day. Review chapter 6 & 7. Quiz on Friday about the different times of the year that we celebrate which is on page 81.

Test on Unit 1 will be on Tuesday Oct. 24. Study these notes and review Chapters 1 to 7

1. The Bible is a special book about God.

2. God sent his own, son, Jesus, to us.

3. On Christmas, we celebrate the birth of Jesus.

4. Jesus taught us that we should be good neighbors to everyone.

5. Jesus was kind to all people.

6. God created the world.

7. Jesus taught us that God watches over us and cares for us.

8. Jesus had many followers, Zacchaeus was one of them.

9. Jesus said, “Let the children come to me.”

10.Jesus healed the sick, he made the blind man see.

Social Studies – discuss our families and homes, families work to meet needs,

wants & needs- 

Science – season of Fall, weather & other changes, healthy eating and exercise

Class 1 – 1 Homework Sheet Mrs. Shelley

Oct. 16 – Oct.20

Spelling Words:   1. hug    2. mug     3. rug     4. sun    5. fun

  1. bun     7. bus     8. yum     9. tub     10. rub


  1. Write spelling 2x each and study 4. Library Tuesday-remember book
  2. Phonics page 47 5. Study Voc. & Religion
  3. Math page P 2-5 6. Gym Tomorrow



  1. Write spelling 2x each and study 3. Math page 2-6
  2. Phonics page 48 4. Study Voc. & Religion                                          



  1. Write spelling 2x each and study    3. Math page 2-7
  2. Phonics Take Home book I Love Parades    4. Study Voc. & Religion
  3. Return Book in Bag on Thursday
  4. —————————————————————-


  1. Write spelling 2x each and study            3. Math page 2-8
  2. Phonics worksheet     4. Spelling & Religion test Friday



  1. Phonics page 51 read and answer question     3. Math page 2-9
  2. Read Book in Bag


Please send Box Tops, Pennies, pencils and headphones

Vocabulary test will begin next week please study words with your child


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