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Welcome to First Grade!

 This week in First Grade  April 24 – 28 Unit 4 in ELA Treasures

Trip to Zoo April 25 wear gym uniform and bring lunch

Essential Question: What do we treasure?

Story of the Week: A Southern Ranch

Question of the week:   Why do we treasure special places?

ELA-   Comprehension : facts & details, questioning   ccss Literature 1, 2

Fluency -accuracy, rate and expression ccss Foundational skills 4.b.

Writing and conventions –   sentences , realistic story, adjectives ccss writing 3

                                                       Language 1.f, 1.j

High frequency words:      above        eight        laugh  

                                                   moon        touch         ccss Foundational skills 3.g.

Spelling words:  1. lie    2. tie     3. high   4. might     5. right 

                                 6. night    7. bright    8. light      9.  pie   10. tight

Vocabulary Words A Southern Ranch

1.familiar   something you know well

2. impression a lasting effect or picture of someone or something

3. favorite someone or something well liked by someone

4. memory something remembered from the past

5. errand a short trip to do something

6. stampede a sudden, wild rush of animals or people

Phonemic awareness, phonics and spelling  –   vowel digraphs ie, igh

   isolate initial phonemes , change phonemes, create words

ccss Foundational skills  2.b, 2.d,  3, 3.a, 3.c, 3.g  Language  2.d., 

listening and speaking-  poetry presentation S/L 4, literature 4, 10

Oral vocabulary ccss Language 5.c

Math –   ccss 1.MDA.1,     Topic 13 time

Practice subtraction & addition facts and place value

Social Studies:  maps and directions

Science -sink or float

School reopens Monday April 24

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