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This week in First Grade Dec. 11 – Dec. 15 

First grade will continue to copy homework from the board into their blue writing 

A homework sheet will no longer be sent home in their folder

If you have any questions about homework please send a message on Class Dojo 

ELA – six week unit  COMMUNITIES  – Essential question – What is a community?

Story selection –  A Big Fish for Max – Guided question  – What does a family do together?

Text based comprehension –  sequence, predict and set purpose CCSS   Literature 3

Writing and conventions –  writing a friendly letter,  and common nouns

CCSS Language  1.b, ,  Writing  2

Fluency – accuracy and appropriate rate   CCSS Foundational Skills 4.

Oral vocabulary CCSS Language 5.c

Vocabulary words- A Big Fish for Max

1. chore                       a small job

2. cooperation         working together

3. rule                         something you must or must not do

4. subway                  a train that runs under the ground

5. commute               to travel between home and work or school

6. downtown            a place in a city with lots of businesses and stores

7. household              your home and everyone who lives there

8. display                  to put things in a place where they can be seen

First grade will begin writing their own sentences using vocabulary words.
High frequency words:     catch        good       no       put   

                                                    said           want           CCSS Foundational skills 3.g

Spelling words:             1. fish    2. with    3. shop   4. ship  5. then

                                            6. rush      7. trash      8. shut        9. shell        10. thin   

Phonemic Awareness –  segment and blend phonemes,  create words, segment and blend words  

 CCSS Foundational skills  2. b, 

Phonics-  vowel sound in ball, a, al, consonant digtaphs, sh, th   CCSS Foundational skills 3,  3.a, Language 2.d, 

Listening & Speaking – relate an experience in sequence CCSS Speaking/Listening  4b

Math-    Topic 5   Addition and subtraction facts to 20

CCSS 1.OA.3, 1.OA.5, 1.OA.6     

Religion – Advent  chapter 13 – Discuss for meaning and understanding 

Social Studies –     our Families  needs and wants, types of jobs inside and outside the home

Science –   



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