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Welcome to First Grade!

 This week in First Grade May 22 -25  in ELA Great Ideas

Essential Question: What difference can a great idea make?

Story of the Week: Mole and the Baby Bird

Question of the week:   How can we look at things in a different way ?

ELA-   Comprehension : drawing conclusions, background knowledge  ccss Literature  1 , 3

Fluency   accuracy, rate, and expression  ccss Foundational skills 4.b.

Writing and conventions –  using voice in writing

         writing a letter to a character, pronouns ccss writing  2, 5

                                                       Language 1.d, 2.d

High frequency words:     door    loved    wood    should         ccss Foundational skills 3.g.

Spelling words:  1. mouth   2. house     3. found   4. our     5. ourt

                                 6. cloud    7. ouch    8. shout   9.  round   10. count

Phonemic awareness, phonics and spelling  –   vowel patterns ow, ou

   segment and blend phonemes,  create words, remove phonemes

ccss Foundational skills  2.b, 2.c,  3,  3.e

Speaking and listening  share information and ideas S/L 1.a

Oral vocabulary ccss Language 5.c

Vocabulary Words

1. freedom         you are able to move around and do things without being held back

2. miserable      unhappy

3. selfish              you think only of yourself and not others

4. dawn                early morning when it starts getting light

5. scaly                covered with scales or flakes

6. speckled         something that has small dots or patches that are more than one color

7. proper           correct

8. scarcely          hardly

Math –   ccss 1.MDA.1,      topic 14 geometry 2-D and 3-D shapes

 Social Studies:  maps and directions

Science –  

Religion – Pentecost

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