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Welcome to First Grade!

 This week in First Grade  March 20 – March 24  Unit 4 in ELA Treasures

Essential Question: What do we treasure?

Story of the Week: Mama’s Birthday Present

Question of the week:   How can a surprise be a treasure?

ELA-   Comprehension : draw conclusions, monitor and clarify ccss Literature 1, 3

Fluency -expression and intonation ccss Foundational skills 4.b.

Writing and conventions –   sentences, organization, friendly letter, adjectives ccss writing 5, Language 1.f, 5.d

High frequency words:    about     enjoy     give     surprise

                                                  worry      would         ccss Foundational skills 3.g.

Spelling words:  1. way   2. day     3. gray   4. train     5. tail 

                                 6. may     7. mail    8. play       9. rain    10. afraid

Phonemic awareness, phonics and spelling singular & plural possessives, vowel digraphs ai,ay

  segment and blend phonemes , change &  add phonemes, rhyming words

ccss Foundational skills   3, 3.c  Language  1.b, 2.d., 

listening and speaking-  give descriptions S/L 4

Oral vocabulary ccss Language 5.c

Amazing Vocabulary words

1. celebrate          to have a party or another activity to honor a special event

2. cherish              when you love something and know how important it is

3. grateful             when you are thankful for something

4. delicate             can be easily hurt or broken

5. rarest                 the least common

6. loot                     a collection of things that are found or stolen

7. genuine             real

Bring Box Tops And pennies

Math –   ccss 1.NBT.C.4, c.5     adding  two digit numbers

Practice subtraction & addition facts

Topic 11 use models and strategies to subtract ten’s and one’s

Social Studies:  communities, where we live, geography-maps

Science -Plants and plant parts, what plants need

Religion continue discussing Lent


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