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This week in First Grade May 21 – May 25  

Half day Friday – No school Monday May 28

ELA – six week unit -GREAT IDEAS –

Essential question – What difference can a great idea make?

Story selection – Tippy-Toe Chick, Go!

Guided question:   When does a problem need a clever solution?

Text based comprehension –  characters, setting , plot   

CCSS   Literature  2, 3 

Writing and conventions –  writing directions,  adjectives that compare

CCSS Language  1.f, 4.b,   Writing 2

Fluency – accuracy, rate and  expression   CCSS Foundational Skills 4.b

Oral vocabulary CCSS Language 5.c

Vocabulary Words Tippy-Toe Chick, Go!

1. clever          when you have a wise, quick mind

2. intend           when you plan to do something

3. predicament you have a problem

4. proudly        when you hold your head up high, and are

                         pleased with yourself

5. plump          full, round, and big

6. scrawny       very thin

7. advice           an idea about how to act or solve a problem

8. wise             smart, making good decisions


High frequency words    along     behind     eyes     never

                                           pulling     toward          CCSS Foundational skills 3.g

  Spelling words:    1. how     2. now   3.  clown       4. growl       5. town

                                     6. brown     7. frown       8. down     9. cow  10. crowd  

Phonemic Awareness –  segment & blend phonemes & syllables, change  phonemes,    

create words  CCSS Foundational skills   2.b, 2. c, 2.d

Phonic    diphthongs  ow, ou & final syllable -le

CCSS Foundational skills 3, 3.e,    Language   2.d , 4.b

Listening & Speaking –    purpose of media  CCSS  informational text 2

Math-  Topic 14 – using data to answer questions

Essential question: How can graphs be used to show data and answer questions?

Students will be able to:


  • Use data from real graphs
  • Use data from picture graphs
  • Use data from bar graphs
  • Collect data using tally marks
  • Make real graphs



Organize , represent, and interpret data with up to three categories;

Ask and answer questions about the total number of data points, how many in each category,

and how many more, less are in one category than another

Religion     –

Chapter 11 The Holy Spirit helps the Church to grow


  • The Church began on Pentecost
  • The first members of the Church did many things together
  • The Holy Spirit helped the Church to grow
  • The Holy Spirit helps the Church today



Social Studies review and continue

theme on geography unit 2 where we live

Discuss communities, maps, map symbols, map key, compass rose,

Directions North, South, East, West 

Science –   the four seasons

First grade will be taking end of year tests in the next few weeks.

We have had a productive year and I am proud of all student’s efforts.

Please do not stress about tests. This is work they know and tests will be simple. Of course you will review with your child but if you stress your child will stress.  While first grade still has another unit of Language Arts and reading, and two more topics in Math to complete; I am preparing students for their transition into second grade. Thank you for your continued cooperation during this year.

Test Schedule

May 24 –    Language Arts  

May 29 –    Social Studies

May 31 –    Math (simple addition and subtraction)

June 5 –    Science

June 7 –    Religion

The last Scholastic book order for the year will be due on May 25.

Students should be able to read chapter books by now.

There are some great books for moving up to second grade available.

The class code for online ordering is NJBGD. If you prefer, you may also send orders to school for me to complete.

My suggestion for summer reading is Lucky Summer Reads item # 43X10.

However, you may order any others as well. Keep your child reading all summer.

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