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           St. Kateri Tekakwitha -pray for us


                                          A Summer Blessing

May you walk with God                                                 Walking with God means…                                                                     This summer                                                                    Walking with honesty
In whatever you do                                                         And respect
Wherever you go                                                             And concern for the feelings of others

May you talk to God                                                      Talking with God means…
This summer                                                                  Praying words of praise
And every day and                                                        For the beauty of creation                                                                          
In every situation                                                          Saying prayers of thanks 

For friends and good times,                                      May you talk with God 
Asking God’s help                                                        May you talk with God
In all your decisions
Expressing sorrow
When you have failed

May you talk with God
Every day. Amen.

– Author unknown


Please scroll down to see the Summer Reading and Religion Assignments


Here is your summer reading assignment—choose well and enjoy!  Summer reading assignments will count towards the first trimester grades in Grade 5.  Many books are available on,, or Brooklyn Public Library. You may also download them to your Nook, Kindle, or Tablet as well.  

Required:  Choose one book from this list to complete your 1st literature chart

  • Song for a Whale  (Lynne Kelly)
  • See You in the Cosmos (Jack Cheng)
  • Zoe in Wonderland  (Brenda Woods)
  • Elijah of Buxton  (Christopher Paul Curtis)

Required:  Choose one book from this list to complete your 2nd  literature chart

  • The Secret Soldier  (Ann McGovern)
  • Shadows at Jamestown  (Steven K. Smith)
  • Give Me Liberty  (L.M. Elliott)
  • Sophia’s War: A Tale of the American Revolution  (Avi)

This Literature Charts should be shared with me ( on September 1, 2020 (please do not send it to me earlier than that date)

2 Literature charts were sent to all students.  If you have trouble accessing them please contact me.

Ms. Cruz


5th Grade Summer Religion Assignment

In 5th grade, the focus of our study will be the Seven Sacraments.  For your summer assignment, you are going to research one of the sacraments.  This will be your first grade of the year. 

Using Google Slides 

  • create a presentation of  10-15 slides about the sacrament that was assigned to you  
  • Your first slide should contain the name of the sacrament and your name.  
  • When you do your research, please make sure to research Catholic sacraments
  • The slides should be colorful and creative as well as easy to read.  
  • The information on each slide should be written in your own words-not copied
  • Please use bulleted points for the written information
  • Title each slide (what information is on this slide)


Your task- Become an expert about 1 of the Sacraments. Prepare a presentation covering the following elements:

Explain your Sacrament 

  •  What type of Sacrament is it? Initiation, healing, or service (vocation). 
  • Identify the other Sacraments in this group. 
  • Explain the meaning of this Sacrament. In your answer, you should say something about what this shows about God’s relationship with us and something about the importance of this Sacrament in people’s lives.

History of the Sacrament

  •   Write four or five interesting facts about the history of the Sacrament. For example, has its name changed? Has the way it is celebrated changed? 

The Sacrament today

  •  Who can administer this Sacrament? Eg, a priest? a layperson? 
  • When is this Sacrament celebrated? Can it be celebrated more than once? 
  • All the Sacraments involve visible actions, signs, and rituals that have developed over time. Draw or show the essential sign and action that must be carried out when this Sacrament is celebrated. Explain it in one sentence. 
  •  Write some of the key phrases or sentences that are spoken during this Sacrament. Identify who says each of these. 
  • Identify two other symbols associated with this Sacrament? Illustrate and explain each symbol. 

This project should be shared with me ( on September 1, 2020 (please do not send it to me earlier than that date)


Sacrament to be researched


Serenity–Penance and Reconciliation



Hailey–Anointing of the Sick

Tonia–Holy Orders



Kayla–Penance and Reconciliation



Arnold–Anointing of the Sick


Amanda–Holy Orders





Looseleaf (have some at home)

Construction Paper ( a small amount for use in class)

# 2 Pencils (No Mechanical Pencils)

Pencil Case

Covered Pencil Sharpener


Pens- dark blue or black  (NO GEL PENS) 

Colored Pencils (No Markers)

Hand Sanitizer (Personal Size)

Chapter Book or Informational Book

Book Bag

*No Binders due to limited desk space


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