Professor Bread

Professor Bread helped us learn to make bread dough by following a recipe.  We measured the ingredients and kneaded the dough.  While we were waiting for it to bake we made some homemade butter to enjoy with our bread.  We had so much fun!

My Five Senses Unit of Study

We used our 5 senses to explore our world in this unit.  We concentrated on apples, pumpkins and leaves during the fall season.  We learned how some things we only use a few senses and some things we can use all of our senses like an apple, pumpkin and the ocean!

Using Apples to paint!

Balancing different size apples on different size tubes! What a challenge!

Exploring apples and pumpkins in the science center.

Exploring leaves!

Some activities in our other centers.

finding and matching letters

Sink or Float

Sensory play with oatmeal and cinnamon sticks. 

What could be inside our Mystery Box???

Building parks and yards with the tree blocks we created.

Getting to Know Pre-K Unit of Study-September

We spent our time at the centers learning about our classroom and how to navigate center time.  We made new friends and learned about being a good friend to others.