Double Good Popcorn Fundraiser

It is that time of the year again! 

SCGSTL has teamed up with Double Good Popcorn to raise money for the technology in our building. Our goal is to one day become a paperless school! Going paperless will give our children the competitive advantage of learning through technology as they navigate their educational journey. It will also help us try to eliminate our carbon footprint by saving trees.  

Raising money for our school technology includes, but is not limited to:

  •  Chromebooks for every child
  •  Upgrades on the smartboards
  • Online resources for children
  • Upgrading WIFI and internet speed
  •  Upgrading online assessments
  • Introduce competitive and informative STREAM programs
  • Provide professional development for teachers on the newest and latest instructional trends for children. 

Why not offer your family, relatives, & friends the opportunity to purchase some of the best gourmet popcorn known to man and help raise money to create a competitive edge for your child(ren)’s education in technology.

The event is 100% online through Pop-Up Stores that you will create on your phone and send out to everyone! There is no money to collect, no forms to fill out, nothing to send out. All orders and payments are made online and the products are shipped directly to the customer ANYWHERE IN THE USA! All you do is keep sharing your Pop-Up store and watch your funds grow! Easy Peasy!

The event is open for 5 DAYS ONLY starting December 6th at 5 pm and ends December 10th at 5 pm.

Here’s What You Do:

  • Download the Double Good App create an account with your name and email. The app is available on IOS and Android
  • Create your OWN pop-up store 
  • Add a quick note in the app as to why you are raising money! Here is an example: “Hi, I’m raising money so I can help my school go paperless so I can learn through technology and so that we can reduce the amount of paper we use in my school” “Please help me meet my fundraising goal!”
  • Use code JQLIBV.

Since we want this to be competitive and fun here are some prizes the top 3 selling classes will earn:

  • 1st Prize: Pizza Party
  • 2nd Prize: Ice Cream Party
  • 3rd Prize: Class NUT card


*FYI: Mr. DelValle and the 7th grade already have a plan … LOL!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school so we can help!

Good Luck Everyone,

Principal Morris

Distance Learning Expectations & News

Hello Families,

Thank you all for the hard work you have been putting in while we’re away.   Please continue to pay attention to any OptionC alerts that may come directly from the school.

Image result for attendance

Attendance: Each day, a photo is posted to our ClassDojo page.  Parents must ‘like’ the photo between 8am and 9am.  This will count as attendance and each family will be held responsible for completing daily work.  I will keep a written record of this each day as well.

Image result for Communication

Communication: All announcements, assignments and communication can be done thru ClassDojo and email.  Please don’t hesitate to email me during the day if need be at  I will answer questions within 24 hours.  Daily assignments will be posted within our Google Classroom. Please be sure to follow along with any OptionC alerts that may be posted from Mrs Charles.

Image result for class work

Classwork: Assignments will be based on the work that was distributed and will be supplemented with Google Classroom and other electronic means.  Please check your Dojo each day for the specifics regarding each subject area.  There will be videos, interactive lessons and opportunities for live interaction from time to time. 

Image result for google classroom

Google Classroom:  Google classroom is set up like many social media sites with a wall and opportunities for users to interact with each other in the digital space.  In an effort to maintain as much normalcy as we can, we can continue to recognize things like birthdays or a tooth falling out.  Share those moments with us so we can celebrate them together! Students will be able to complete some of their work directly in the Google space and some will be a little more hands on where photos will need to be submitted per the assignment.  I will do my best to make this as straightforward as possible. 


Students will have work that engages each subject, Math, ELA, Science, Social Studies, and Religion,  the same way that they would if we were in the classroom.  Please be aware that every subject may not be specifically addressed each day, and  some assignments may take several days to complete.  We’ll be making great use of the black notebook that was sent home and full headings are still expected!

Again, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.  I’d like to make as much of this as straightforward as possible.  

Kind Regards, 

Ms Werfelman

March-ing on

Hello Everyone!

January seemed to take so long and then we blinked and here we are in March!  We’ve been fighting cold weather and little colds in our class… don’t forget to wash your hands! 

Image result for march comes in like a lion and out like a lamb

Classroom updates: We celebrated Dr Seuss’s birthday on March 2nd and made striped hats with rhyming words to match the Cat in the Hat! We are learning about different habitats and have been working on a unit about oceans. We talked about keeping the oceans safe and how to protect them.  We are also learning about using a hundreds hundred to find patterns in math.

Image result for lent journeyOur faith: Our school and classroom have been converted to reflect the season of Lent. There is a lot of purple as we prepare ourselves and our spirits during this solemn time. We’re practicing more reverence as we make more visits to church and participating in Stations of the Cross and learning more about the Eucharist in Adoration.

What we’re reading: ‘Sulwe’ Lupita Nyong’o; Dr Seuss’s  – Oh the Places You’ll  Go, The Cat in the Hat, The Foot Book; ‘Harry the Horseshoe Crab’ and ‘Pearlie Oyster’ both by Suzanne Tate;  ‘Maybe Something Beautiful’ by F Isabel Campoy; ‘My Heart Fills with Happiness’ by Monique Gray Smith ; and the ‘Little Leaders in History’ Series by Vashti Harrison

Image result for sulweImage result for little leadersImage result for oh the places you;lll go







Reminders: Report Cards will be distributed Wednesday, March 18th. On Thursday March 19th, students will have a half day of school and we will be closed on Friday March 20th. We are still accepting donations of paper towels, Clorox (or similar) wipes, baby wipes, and tissues – flu season is upon us and we need to remain vigilant in classroom cleanliness!  We are also aware of the potential effects of the coronavirus in NYC. We will continue to update you as things progress

Image result for happy new year 2019 bible verse

Hello Everyone! 

I am so happy to be back and can’t wait for all of the exciting things planned for the new year.  

Classroom Updates: We jumped right into new material and caught up on a little bit of the old stuff… We’re working with adding doubles to make math facts easier, we’re going to be learning about graphing and using pictures to show information.  Our reading is getting better too! Some of our friends will be reading to the class over the next few weeks.  We are also moving to long vowel sounds and practicing writing letters to our penpals! We’ve been learning about seasons and will be doing a lot of decorating in our classroom to make it look like a blizzard! Don’t worry – it’ll be nice and toasty in our room even with all the snowmen! 

Our Faith: January leads us from the Christmas season and into ordinaryImage result for mary, fiat time in the church.  We will be learning some of the stories and parables that Jesus shares during his ministry here on earth.  We’re also going to be learning about Mary’s “fiat,”  her yes to God, and how she became Jesus’ mother!

What we’re reading: “The Book with No Pictures” BJ Novak; “There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow” and “There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell” Lucille Colandro; “Be Brave, Little Penguin” Giles Andreae; “Llama Destroys the World” Jonathan Stutzman

Reminders: School will be closed be closed to students from K-8 on 1/17 from and 1/20 for observance of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. We are still accepting donations of paper towels, Clorox (or similar) wipes, baby wipes, and tissues – flu season is nearly upon us and we need to remain vigilant in classroom cleanliness! 🙂 


Ms Werfelman


Hello!Image result for give thanks, bible verse"

Classroom Updates: Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we’re so excited about it! It’s time to be thankful, to be kind and to be charitable to those around us.  Many of our classmates brought in food for our food pantry and have been asking about how to help even more! We’ll be working on some art projects over the next few weeks to help bring cheer to those who may be lacking a little.  We have wrapped up our unit on plats and growing and are moving on into seasons and hibernation (sounds like a good idea to take a nap for 3 months but it’s really hard work to prepare for it!) 

From our class to you – We want to wish you all a very Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving season!

Our Faith: We have been learning some new prayers…inspired by the middle school students, we decided to also take on St Bernard’s prayer the Memorare.  It’s a work in progress and the kids are doing so well with it!  We also started talking about guardian angels and how the protect us and our families when we’re in need.  

What we’re reading: “The Arrival” Shaun Tan; “One is a Feast for Mouse” Judy Cox; “Bear Snores On” Karma Wilson, Jane Chapman; “Vote for Me” Ben Chapman

Reminders: we are still accepting donations of paper towels, Clorox (or similar) wipes, baby wipes, and tissues – flu season is nearly upon us and we need to remain vigilant in classroom cleanliness! 🙂 


Ms Werfelman

Hello November!

Image result for november"


Classroom Updates: We are moving on from our short vowel sounds and pressing more into social studies and science! We had a lot of fun over the last few weeks with our Pumpkin Series of experiments! We did a taste test, a sink and float experiment, we planted some seeds and most importantly we tracked observations of each of these.  

Image result for world traveler"

In social studies, we are focusing on how to use maps and what it means to see the world.  So many of our friends have been on airplanes and been to different places and we’re having fun finding them on the big map! What we’re reading right now is directly related to our lessons and we’re having a lot of fun with these stories! 

Our Faith: Our Rosary Rally was a huge success! The first graders were so

Image result for rosary clip art

excited to not only have their own rosaries but did you know each child actually made their own! We encourage you to continue to use these rosaries at home and pray with the children as the school year continues! We’ll be doing a little bit here each day as well! 

What we’re reading: “The Arrival” Shaun Tan; We’ve got the Whole World in our Hands” Rafael Lopez; “Whoever you are, Quienquiera que seas” Mem Fox; “Pickle and Squeak World Traveler Series” 

Reminders: we are still accepting donations of paper towels, Clorox (or similar) wipes, baby wipes, and tissues – flu season is nearly upon us and we need to remain vigilant in classroom cleanliness! 🙂 


Ms Werfelman

Week of October 7


Classroom Updates: Fall is finally here and we are ready for it! We are doing math using apples and fall leaf counters and feeling pretty good about our early reading skills.  Our class has a fun way of remembering our spelling words too – by saying them all out loud we are able to hear the word and practice saying it while spelling it too! We’re continuing to learn about living things and will be learning more about what they need over the next few weeks.  In social studies, we’ve been talking about families and different traditions that families have. Our classmates shared beautiful posters and talked about their various family celebrations at home. #soblessed 

Our Faith: October is Rosary Month. We learned about the decades and how to say the other prayers, the Apostles Creed, the Glory Be & Oh my Jesus, (Our Father and Hail Mary we already know!)  This morning we

Image result for rosary clip art

said 1 decade of the Joyful Mysteries and 2 of the students helped lead the prayer.  If you have a rosary at home share it with your child – It’s a beautiful prayer that really 

brings us closer to Christ through His mother.  Additionally it’s something we’ll be doing more throughout the month here culminating with the diocesan Rosary Rally at the end of the month!

What we’re reading: “Beautiful” by Stacy McAnulty; “The Pigeon has to go to School” by Mo Willems; “Tomorrow, I’ll be BRAVE” by Jessica Hische; “Lubna & Pebble” by Wendy Meddour & Daniel Egneus; “Sitting like a Saint: Catholic Mindfulness for Kids” by Dr Gregory Bottero & Barbra Bottero

Shout-out to everyone who has helped us with our classroom supplies so far! With cold and flu season coming in quick we’re still looking for… tissues, baby wipes, clorox (or similar wipes) and paper towels.  Of course we’re also reminding everyone to wash their hands as well! Thank you again! 


Ms Werfelman


October Updates – Week 1

Image result for hello october clip art


Classroom Updates: October is here and we are moving right along.  First grade is hard at work learning about all sorts of things! We’re learning about living and non-living things in science, families and traditions in social studies, addition using fall themed manipulatives, and focusing on short vowel sounds in phonics.  We have been using puppets to tell stories and have been learning about Johnny Appleseed too!

Our Faith: October 1st is the Feast of St Therese.  We visited the church and had a tour with Fr Mendes, he showed us the various art work and features within the church.  We especially loved the stained glass over the front door with all the roses! We’ll also be making good deed counters to practice our good deeds like St Therese who showed us how to do “little things with great love!”

What we’re reading: ‘The Gruffalo’ by Julia Donaldson; ‘Here We Are’ by Oliver Jeffers; ‘Harold and the Purple Crayon’ by Crockett Johnson; ‘We Found a Hat’ by Jon Klassen; ‘Sitting like a Saint: Catholic Mindfulness for Kids’ by Dr Gregory Bottero and Barbra Bottero

Shout-out and THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the Dress Down day to benefit Catholic Charities in support of Bahama Hurricane Relief! Almost our whole class participated!


Ms Werfelman