2017-18 Registration Information

Age Requirements:
PRE-K FOR ALL: Children must be 4 by 12/31/17 – PARENTS MUST REGISTER ON LINE.
Kindergarten: Children must be 5 by 12/31/17
First Grade: Children must be 6 by 12/31/17

Touring Tuesdays
If you are interested in a tour of the academy, please call (718) 629-9330 for an appointment time. We reserve most Tuesdays for tours from 10:30 am to 11:30 am.
The Registration process requires a Guardian interview and a visit or test for the child. Please call 718-629-9330 for a Registration appointment.

Click here to begin an online application for your child. Please call the academy after you complete the application to set up a registration appointment.

Admission Requirements: Registration Fee MONEY ORDER or CASH – $250 per family.

  • Parent or Guardian meets with a member of school staff.
  • Children entering K need to be present for testing.
  • Children entering grades 1-7 are asked to spend the day with us and are assessed during a classroom visit or test.
  • Original birth certificate.
  • If Catholic: Baptismal, Penance and First Eucharist certificates.
  • Current year’s report card.
  • Copy of IESP if child was tested by the Board of Education.

Financial Aid
Available to students in K to 8th Grade through TADS Financial Aid Assessment Service, which has been selected by Futures in Education to conduct fair and confidential financial need assessments for families that may need assistance paying tuition. Apply online at mytads.com.

Uniform Information

Dress Code: EVERY PIECE OF THE UNIFORM MUST HAVE THE SCHOOL LOGO ON IT. Uniforms are from Ideal Uniform Company. ONLY School sweaters, school sweatshirts, or school jackets may be worn in the building. Ideal also supplies school shoes.
School and gym uniforms should be kept neat and clean.
Complete Dress or Gym Uniform is to be worn with pride each day – for it is a privilege. 

Dress Uniform




Long/Short Sleeve Golf Shirt or Turtleneck

With Logo


Long/Short Sleeve

Golf Shirt

With Logo

Fall/Spring Black Bermuda Shorts

With Logo

Bl, G, B Tights or knee socks


Black Shoes OPTIONAL

Polar Fleece

Bl, G, B

With Logo


V-Neck Pullover Sweater Bl, G, B

With Logo

PreK & K

Boys & Girls

Black Elastic Waist Pants  






















1? 4 Girls Plaid Bib Jumper Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes-no ballet flats Yes Yes
5-8  Girls Plaid Skirt Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes-no ballet flats Yes Yes
1 – 8  Boys Black Dress Pants Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

 Color Code: Bl =Black, G = Grey, B=Burgundy

Gym Uniform
  Bl or G


With Logo

Bl or G


With Logo

Bl or G

T shirt With Logo


Bl Mesh Shorts

With Logo

PreK & K Boys & Girls Yes Yes Yes Yes Velcro closure
1 – 4 Girls Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
5 – 8  Girls Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
1 – 8  Boys Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Hats, caps or any head-gear are not worn during school hours.
Hair Extensions can be worn. However, extensions with color, Dye, or hair coloring are not permitted for boys or girls.

Nail Polish or gel polish cannot be worn in school.

Jewelry is to be kept at a minimum. Valuable jewelry should never be worn to school.  Post earrings ONLY for boys and girls. Hoop earrings, bracelets, and long chains are not allowed.  ANY ITEM NOT PART OF THE SCHOOL UNIFORM WILL BE CONFISCATED and will only be returned to a parent/guardian