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Minus - Say Hello!The LionsMinus - Say Hello!

Mia Roberts is our Social Worker, she comes to our school every other week.

Her cell number is 1-646-203-2664 if you need her assistance.


Dates to know:

December 4-Parent Teacher ConferencesImage result for conferences clipart

December 7- Breakfast with SantaImage result for breakfast with santa clipart

December 9- School is closed Image result for school closed clipart

December 20- 1/2 day 12:30 dismissal-Christmas ShowImage result for christmas performance clipart

December 23-January 3 School Closed- Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!Image result for merry christmas and happy new year 2020 clipart

January 6- Classes ResumeImage result for school reopens clipart





Pre-K  Unit 4

Image result for brooklyn houseWhere We LiveImage result for animal homes


Essential Question:
Where do the people and animals around me live?

Driving Questions:

Image result for houses in nyc Image result for animal housesImage result for nyc skylineImage result for building homes

  • Where do I live? Where do my family members
  • Where do people and animals live?
  • What types of homes do the people in my city
    (NYC) live in?
  •  How do people and animals make homes?








Getting to Know our Pre-k Classroom

Posted on September 30, 2019

We have spent our past unit learning about ourselves, our friends, our school and our feelings.  We have learned how to navigate through our class during center time and knowing the flow of our day.  We are becoming more independent and most of us can make our own cots and serve our food at meals.  

Plant Unit

Posted on May 5, 2019

We used different color flower cut outs to practice putting two groups together. 

In the block Center we created gardens, parks and roof top gardens.

Dramatic Play Center was turned into a flower shop.  We made bouquets and sold them to our friends.  We also had a small vegetable garden.

We planted grass seeds, lima beans and radish seeds.

The Sand table was filled with dirt and Lima beans that had the letter written on them.  The children were encouraged to dig in the dirt to find the beans and match the letters to a separate mat.

Water Unit

Posted on March 31, 2019

In the ABC center we worked on sounding out CVC words together.

Students used the blocks to make boats


We mixed water, paint and soap and made bubbles using straws.  Then we rested paper on the bubbles to leave the colors onto the paper.  The colored paper was perfect to make an underwater picture!

We put some paint in the freezer. When the paint was frozen we tried painting with it.  It was hard at first but as it melted it was easier to move on the paper.


Light Unit

Posted on March 3, 2019

Pre-K spent the month of February studying LIGHT! We experimented with different light sources such as flashlights, sunlight, and glow sticks.  We used light to determine if items were translucent, transparent or opaque. Students used many different objects to cast shadows and we went outside to play with our own shadows. We learned how some animals sleep in the daytime, they are called nocturnal and we are diurnal because we sleep at night.


In the ABC center we used straight and curved lines to create letters for our names. 

In the science center we used a prism to experiment with bending light.  If we held the flashlight just right we found a rainbow.  We used mirrors to reflect the light.


In the Math Center we experimented with moving moving shadows.  We learned how shadows move depending on where the light source is coming from. We also learned how a shadow gets bigger and smaller.  


We went outside and watched as our shadow followed every move we made!


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