June News

Dear Parents and Guardians,


June is finally here and I know many of us are asking “Where did the year go?”  It is a shortened month filled with many special occasions.On Monday June 4th, Grades 4& 8students begin the month by taking the last of the state exams.  Though they are well prepared, it will be a great relief when all their tests are finally finished.  Thursday June 14 is Flag Day and we will join the nation in celebrating this true symbol of freedom and liberty.  For a donation of $2 students are invited to dress down provided they wear something red, white and blue.

The culminating events of the year for our 8th Graders are the Graduation Mass & Graduation Ceremony which will take place on June 15th.  A separate letter will be sent home to Grade 8 with specific information.  The last day of Afterschool will be Tuesday, June 19th so please make note of this.  Dismissal times on Wednesday June 20th through Friday June 21st will be at 11:50am.


We will hold a special “Transitioning Day” for students in grades K-7 on Wednesday June 20th.  During that time, the students will be introduced to their teacher for the 2018-2019 school year.  The students will also be given a brief overview of the new school year and the mandatory summer assignment.  It is imperative that you look over this list before school closes. If you have any questions, you should ask the teacher immediately.  Each student who is returning in the Fall is required to hand in the summer assignment on the first day of school.  I urge you to review the assignment as soon as the students receive it.


The summer trip to Adventureland will take place on Thursday June 21st. Parents who will be chaperoning are asked to be at the school by 8:30am as the bus is scheduled to leave by 9am sharp.  Everyone who is participating will receive a shirt and must wear it on the trip.  We will leave the park around 4pm and expect to be back at school around 5pm.  Let’s pray for warm weather and a sunny day!


Grade K will have a small Step Up activity on Friday June 22nd and Ms. Gillis will send a notice home with specific information.  At this point tuition payments are passed due and must be brought up to date immediately.  No personal checks will be accepted.  We appreciate your cooperation regarding this matter.  Our thanks to all parents who make their payments on time as that is extremely helpful to the Academy.


If you have not re-registered for the 2018-2019 school year, please do so immediately as books and supplies are in the process of being ordered.  I would like to remind you that Financial Aid is available if you qualify but you must be registered first. Mrs. Barbara Borowski is available to explain and assist with filing. Please call the office for more information.


The last day of school will be Monday June 25t and dismissal will be at 10:30am.  Students will be given their report cards and those students who are required to attend summer school will be provided with that information.


In closing I would like to thank everyone fortheir support this past year. As I said when I began, change is hard but necessary.  I am very proud of the direction our Academy is heading and very positive that greater things are to come. Some of the accomplishments this year were the establishment of  prayer and pledge in the auditorium every morning.  By starting our day together in prayer we are reminded that we are one body united in Christ.It also gives the students an opportunity to focus and begin the day on a positive note.  Our lateness’ have also been tremendously reduced.


I am extremely delighted to have re-introduced Xaverian High School to our Academy.  Xaverian is one of the highest performing Catholic High Schools in Brooklyn which prides itself with rigorous academic and extracurricular programs rooted in the Catholic faith.


One of my top priorities was reaching out to the Administration personally and inviting them to take a closer look at our students. We have bright, energetic, intelligent young minds and I refuse to have our students classified. What we need are opportunities and exposure. By acquiring $86,000 (the total scholarship amount for 4 years) for 2 of our current graduates, no longer will this be an unobtainable goal but a reality that is coming to fruition.


Continuing on our collaboration with Xaverian, eight of our 7th grade students have been selected to participate in the Xcel Summer Enrichment Program.  Xcel integrates educational, spiritual and leadership development for students entering grade 8.  Students will participate in TACHS Prep Courses as well courses in Robotics, Film Production, Speech, Debate, Studio Art, Creative Writing and Journalism.  It’s a wonderful opportunity.


I am also working on a new program where are students would take HS courses at Xaverian and receive credits while still in 8th grade. These achievements are strengthening our academy and enriching the academic experience for our students.


Our technology mobile carts are fully stocked and being utilized in grades K-8 and we began the plans for the creation of our STEM lab.  On the whole we have an impressive large number of students who have received academic honors.  The Student of The Month Award and All Christian Effort was instituted to recognize those students who go above and beyond and deserve our praise. The tuition arrears has been reducedand we are extremely grateful.  Our teachers continue to be participate in numerous Professional Development opportunities which in turn enhances their teaching and the learning process.


These are just a few examplesand it has been such a rewarding experience.  With your help, and support I look forward to continuing on what we have started and building a stronger Academy.


Have a wonderful and restful summer.





Mrs. J. Charles